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News Release: wintranslation Expands Aboriginal Languages Unit


OTTAWA- Leading Canadian translation company wintranslation has appointed Jillian Morgan as Lead of its growing Aboriginal Translation Unit. Her appointment is wintranslation’s latest step to meet the rising demand for Aboriginal language translations. Morgan, who grew up speaking Mohawk and appreciates the cultural significance of preserving Aboriginal languages, will be tasked with creating connections with Aboriginal communities, working with them to help seek out native speakers.

“Demand for translation is coming from a diverse group of clients”, says Project Manager Azaëlle Elliott-Bouchard. “Many clients are working in Northern territories such as Nunavut where the official language Inuktitut, and in some areas Inuinnaqtun, are required by law on all official documents. Other clients such as mining companies looking to do business on reserves or Aboriginal lands are often required by local tribes to translate impact studies into the local language.”

Elliott-Bouchard adds that there has also been a rise in the demand for health document translation, especially cancer and diabetes related files: “There is a bit of a crisis within some Aboriginal communities with people refusing cancer treatment for spiritual reasons. In many cases, it is due to lack of proper information, so health agencies are having those documents translated to ensure that information is more clearly conveyed”.

Beyond the business aspect, the growing demand for Aboriginal translations also has positive cultural implications.

“A lot of the languages we’re working with are those that are dying off, so it’s great to be a part of the effort to bring them back”, says Morgan. “In the past speaking Aboriginal languages in residential schools was forbidden and punishable. This instilled a fear of speaking your native language, leading to the eventual decline of many languages.”


wintranslation™ is an award-winning translation company located in Ottawa, Canada, providing culturally-appropriate translation services to companies worldwide. Specializing in Aboriginal languages translation, wintranslation currently works with a growing list of over 20 Aboriginal languages. It is a certified women-owned and operated enterprise, that prides itself on its humble beginnings as a one-woman operation. wintranslation’s clients range from large multi-national corporations, to small businesses, as well as government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

CONTACT: Jillian Morgan | 613-686-1278 |613-363-1867 (cell) |


Sheza Khurshid

Sheza Khurshid joined wintranslation in 2014 as Web Marketing Coordinator where she works on the company website, blog and manages wintranslation’s social media pages. Her work focuses on creating engaging and informative articles, newsletters, and other content for clients and those interested in learning about translation services and related topics. She works on maintaining wintranslation’s online presence through ongoing SEO campaigns, as well as through various outreach campaigns. Additionally, she works with clients to ensure they are satisfied with wintranslation’s services, and to see how to better serve current and future clients. Sheza is a graduate of the University of Windsor from which she holds a B.A. as well as an M.A. in Political Science with a focus on Media Studies and Communications.

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