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Wintranslation completes CGSB 131.10 certification!

Wintranslation is proud to announce that our French translation service is officially CGSB 131.10 certified! We have successfully completed our audit from Orion Assessment Services regarding our CGSB 131.10 certification. This is the national standard for French language translation competency, and specifies the best industry practices at all steps: from requesting a quote to the delivery of the service.

This is part of our ongoing efforts to provide the highest level of service in the industry. Quality is at the core of wintranslation, and we continuously strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. Part of this involves diligent quality control. Throughout the entire process of our French translation, we have been assessed with defined competency requirements, and we are extremely pleased to successfully complete the certification process.

We dedicate ourselves to constant improvement and development. Overall, completion of this goal is another step towards ensuring we have the right systems in place to provide outstanding translation services. Interested in learning more about our French translation services? Check out our page: French Translation Services.

“I am very proud of our French team, translators, and project managers for making this possible. We hope this certification will reassure our clients that wintranslation complies with the process required by the standard; and that quality, consistency, and competency are not just simple words, but our pledge to clients’ success.” – Felicia Bratu, Operations Manager

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