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Why You Need To Do Translations For Charities


Let’s face it: it’s a big, scary world out there. Today’s society is faced with many issues from poverty to environmental issues to education. But it’s not all bad! If you think about it, the good often outweighs the bad. There are organizations and people whose purpose is to make this world a better place; they dedicate themselves to lending a helping hand.

Getting involved with an organization makes you aware of how people across the world live, the things people go through on a daily basis,  and helps you put things into perspective. Translating for non-profit organizations helps translators develop language skills and brings them a new cultural awareness. These new tools can, in turn, help them grow both on a professional and personal level.

Organizations have endless details to think about and to budget for. Unfortunately, many non-profit organizations simply don’t have the budget for translation. Or perhaps I should say fortunately, because it gives translators and people like us a chance to give back. It’s important to know and realize that these organizations really do benefit from your contributions.

Why contribute?

  • Helping organizations can open doors to new business opportunities and to the world.
  • You can choose which organization you dedicate yourself to. You can work for a cause that is close to your heart.
  • What better way to gain experience and get your name out there?
  • You get to share knowledge about the culture and business practices of your native culture.

We at wintranslation believe that we should do what we can to help the organizations we support succeed. Just like paying clients, they deserve our dedication and our best work. The wintranslation team comes from different walks of life and backgrounds, which means our team shares different values. However, one of the values we all have in common is that we care about making this world a better place.

We continue to do work for many organizations that we believe in. Among them is Exercise is Medicine Canada, which promotes exercise as a way of healing, we love staying active, ask our tennis champion president! And as a women owned business, we wouldn’t miss a chance to support a great organization by women for women. We’ve recently translated the Women’s Economic Council’s website! We also regularly translate some content for TEDxtalks. We care about spreading your cause and raising awareness to a bigger audience by translating it into more languages.


Private: Frédérique Mantha

Frédérique Mantha is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, from which she holds a BA in Translation with Specialization in French-Spanish-English. As an Account Manager, she manages several French and multilingual clients. Frédérique also continues to translate into her mother tongue French; she does volunteer translations for TED among other projects. She also dedicates some of her time to writing blog articles and creative content. Before joining the team at her current position, Frédérique completed a Recruitment Internship at wintranslation, having gone through the experience herself, today she effectively manages our growing internship program.

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  1. Great article, I personally enjoy translating for non-profit organisations as the range of subject matter can be very interesting and as someone at the beginning of my career, it’s a way to get proven experience. There are a lot of volunteer translation opportunities out there once you start looking!

  2. I love this article, translations for charitable organizations play a significant role. All targeted needy people will have access to the aid provided by the charitable groups in different languages, nobody will complain that I never understood the speaker or I couldn’t read the document since it will be translated into target languages. This is so perfect

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