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Virtual Interpreting Services

When you need live interpreting to ensure inclusive engagement in virtual meetings, discussions and other events, our expert, experienced wintranslation team is ready to help.

We’re dedicated to facilitating clear and accurate communication in the unique cultural contexts that exist across Canada. The services we provide help organizations in the public and private sectors to be more intentional and respectful with their outreach and engagement with Indigenous communities and populations, and enable dialogue and communication. We also provide interpreting services in Canadian French.

Interpreting Services for a Hybrid World

Organizations have come to depend on the flexibility, immediacy, and affordability of online and hybrid meetings and events. Our exclusively virtual interpreting service meets that growing demand and reflects our commitment to constructive collaboration for public- and private-sector clients in education, healthcare, safety and security, and social services.

Our Virtual Interpreting Services are Ideal for:

We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretations for:

  • Conferences
  • Consultations
  • Focus groups
  • Formal proceedings
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Roundtables
  • And other occasions

Need virtual interpreting services for your next meeting or event?

Call +1 (613) 686-1278 or click the button to request a free quote

A Growing Pool of Indigenous Interpreters

High-quality Indigenous-language interpreting can be hard to come by. Our extensive network includes native speakers of Inuktitut, Cree, Ojibwe, Mi’kmaq, and other Indigenous languages who are skilled interpreters. We continue to build our capacity every day.

Why Choose Us:

  • Capacity: We maintain a growing roster of Indigenous and French-language interpreters to meet ongoing demand. This service is virtual-only so our team can support meetings without the need for travel.
  • Experience: Our Indigenous-language interpreters have years of experience facilitating communication within their own communities and for professional events across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.
  • Respect: As a company, we at wintranslation practice cultural humility and respect in the work we do with translators, interpreters, and our valued clients.
  • Wide range of solutions: We have provided virtual interpreting services on a full range of platforms and in a wide variety of settings including courtrooms.

Our Interpreting Project Process

1. Quote Request

Contact us about your interpreting needs.

2. Securing Resources and Pricing

Once session details are clarified, our project manager will suggest a team of interpreters and provide the cost.

3. Preparation and Setup

Depending on the platform used for organizing the event and session format, this step will ensure that you have all the information from us and our interpreters have access to the event and materials for preparation.

4. Test Run and Troubleshooting

This is an optional step but an important one, especially if your event requires simultaneous interpreting. Event hosts, organizers, invited guests, and interpreters all join the virtual room to make sure the video and audio quality is stable and interpreting channels (as well as other functionality) are set up correctly.

5. Interpreting

Interpreters join the session/event. Depending on the length of the event and client requirements, one, two, or even three interpreters per language may work in a team, taking turns to interpret. One of our team members may be present throughout the event (on request) to facilitate the interpreting, troubleshoot, and share ongoing feedback, relevant updates, etc.

6. Feedback

For multiday events, we collect feedback to improve the work of the interpreters and prepare for the next day.

Need virtual interpreting services for your next meeting or event?

Call +1 (613) 686-1278 or click the button to request a free quote

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