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Looking for audio-video translation? We can help!

When you have audio and audio-video files that need to be reproduced in another language, it simplifies the process by using a company that can handle all aspects of the project. To get a better idea of what’s involved, below is a basic breakdown of the steps, from transcription, translation and voice recording to timing, syncing and post-processing.

There’s often a misconception that the process of converting audio/video files into a foreign language involves listening to the source audio and translating directly into the target language. The process in fact is more complex and involves multiple steps.

Transcribing the original audio

Transcription is converting the audio into written text. This includes all types of digital audio/audio-video files like documentaries, corporate presentation soundtracks, instructional videos and educational videos, in a variety of formats and languages. Transcribers are professional and accurate, producing an easily readable word-for-word, timed script.


The transcription will be translated into the required language, this should also include translation of all on-screen text. The translators used are selected based on field of expertise so there will be no guess work in terms of terminology or subject – the translation will have technically appropriate terminology. Two translators per project (minimum) should be assigned unless stated otherwise. The first translator translates the text and the second translator proofreads and edits the translation. As with any translation, language flow and tone is especially important for audio files so as to convey the correct meaning, and a straight word-for-word translation doesn’t work. Translators should be provided with a copy of the audio file to properly grasp and communicate the tone.


Yes, you can choose the talent! – Our extensive list of professional foreign language voice talents allows you the freedom to choose the voice you like best. If no specific requirement is needed for the voice talent, we’ll match the voice as close as possible to the source. If you prefer to have a say in the voice, we’d select voices based on preliminary requirements: language, gender, age. Based on these criteria, we’d upload audio samples of the voices for you to listen to. Our voice talents are native speakers of the target language and display clear, accent-free language skills. Recording is done with professional recording devices.


Time the voice recording with the video ensures the recording is in sync with the video. Additionally, script editing may be performed to fit timing. The technical team integrates the source video and new audio, and localizes on-screen text, rendering an error free audio-video file in your required format.

Felicia Bratu

Felicia Bratu is the operations manager of wintranslation, in charge of quality delivery and client satisfaction. As a veteran who has worked in many roles at the company since 2003, Felicia oversees almost every aspect of the company operations from recruitment to project management to localization engineering. She recently received certification as a Localization Project Manager as well as Post-Editing Certification for Machine Translation. Felicia holds a BSc. in Industrial Robotics from the University of Craiova, Romania.

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