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Are you a search engine marketer running a multinational Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in multiple languages?  Are you launching a new international website and want to optimize it for search engine traffic? Are you looking for search savvy translators to help you rebuild your keyword lists in other languages?

wintranslation is an award winning translation service provider with multilingual keyword research and  PPC ad translation capabilities. We work with leading organizations in tourism, technology and mobile phone markets to deliver their campaigns in many languages.

Pay-per-click localization service

Word-for-word translation of an English  PPC campaign doesn’t work. Linguistic and cultural adaptations are crucial to rebuild a localized keyword list and the subsequent ad text. The services we provide are:

•              Conduct keyword research in Google keyword suggestion tool

•              Visit topical online forums to gather further information on a specific product or destination

•              Research websites from the target area domains to learn how local users search

•              Compile multiple variations of a given search term

•              Gather search terms that may not be translations of the English terms but used by local searchers

•              Rebuild new keyword list in the other languages for client approval

•              Adapt PPC ad text that conveys the original concept while still meeting Google guidelines

Optimizing  multilingual websites for organic search engine traffic

Search engines rank websites based on their importance and relevance to the searched terms. It is crucial that your website uses terms/lingo that searchers use online. For sites other than English, keyword research has to be done in other languages. The research result provides guidance on how the web copy is written. At wintranslation, we provide such keyword research services and can help incorporate the client approved keyword terms into our translation process to help you maximize traffic from Google and other search engines.

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