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One stop convenience is what we offer our clients through excellence in language service project management. Planning, organizing, and managing linguistic resources to ensure the successful, high-quality completion of document/manual translation, marketing collateral, and web site localization are what we do best.

We maintain long-term relationships with linguists worldwide. wintranslation also recruits from a wide range of networks and we are well connected in the language industry. We take pride in our peer review vetting process and rely on a rigorous project management and quality assurance process. In addition, we staff a multi-disciplinary project management team allowing us to deliver top talent on every project.

But just having the right linguistic team is only the beginning. Managing your multi-lingual project can be challenging for people with busy schedules, such as executives and management, who have many other pressing commitments and responsibilities. It is time consuming to work with a large team of linguists and then need to brief each team member, many of whom are often outsourced and geographically dispersed. If your product manual is being translated into 30 languages in FrameMaker format, managing such a project is a full time job in itself. You might require 30 translators and 30 editors, in addition to desktop publishers and people who do quality assurance reviews. Leading such a team of 100 plus people is an arduous task. Outsourcing such projects to an experienced team like us saves you time and headaches.

In today’s environment, new file formats for content are emerging all the time. Most translators’ main expertise is in translating, not in keeping up with the latest format in content management. Our project management team does file preparations so that any complex format can be stripped to text to allow translators to focus on their core competency – translating. We take care of the rest and support them with any technical challenges throughout the translation process.

Whether you are working with web site translations, audio-visual files or Adobe InDesign, our project management team can lead and take responsibility for the entire process including linguist selection, file preparation, coordination, and quality assurance. You will avoid headaches and save time, and ultimately money, because you can focus on your business while leaving translation and cultural adaptation to us!

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