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Like other intellectual property, terminology is a major organizational asset. Systematic management of terminology is a critical contributor to quality and consistency of multilingual content your company produces. In addition, effective terminology management results in major cost and time efficiencies – preventing re-work, eliminating additional review cycles and QA steps, and shortening total translation turnaround time.

We offer the following terminology management services that complements our document translation services:

  • Evaluation of existing localization glossaries
  • Creation of new glossaries
  • Updates of existing glossaries
  • Terminology extraction and translation.
  • Client review and approval
  • Terminology management maintenance
  • Terminology management tool selection guidance
  • Online terminology sharing
  • Creation, review and updates of linguistic style guides
  • Supervision of translators in adhering to approved terminology

wintranslation’s staff are trained and certified by the International Network for Terminology and work with a network of world renowned experts, read a case study and contact us today for all your terminology management needs.

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