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Specialty Language Services

Translation is Just the Beginning

After years of helping clients connect with linguistically and culturally diverse audiences, we know that projects succeed on more than just expert translation alone. The right preparation and diligent management are key to ensuring top quality while streamlining the process, time, and cost involved.

Our unique specialty services go above and beyond traditional translation to give you extra assurance your documents are as targeted, effective, and high-impact as they can be.

Dialect Consultation

Included at no charge for all Indigenous language translation projects

Translating written material into Indigenous languages requires nuance and sensitivity. Suppose your audience speaks Inuktitut, Ojibway, or Cree. Which specific dialect should you use? There are many, and each has its distinct features. Even within a single dialect, there can sometimes be variations in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar as a result of historical and geographical influences.

Working closely with fluent speakers and cultural experts who are intimately familiar with regional variations in Indigenous languages, we can help you pinpoint the right dialect for the audience you aim to reach.

Value-added services for Indigenous languages

Cultural Content Review

Documents that truly connect with readers do more than speak the right language: they also reflect the spirit of the audience’s culture. Our cultural content review helps you achieve this through:

  • Cultural sensitivity assessments that ensure content is respectful, sensitive, and free from stereotypes.
  • Cultural appropriateness assessments and image consultations to verify any symbols, images, or references used are appropriate and do not misrepresent or disrespect the target audience.
  • Indigenous community consultations that gather input and feedback on documents to ensure the material is culturally suitable.

Reverse Translation Quality Check

A common practice for quality control in translation projects is to have a second linguist review the translated work. That can be difficult with Indigenous languages because alternate specialized linguists aren’t always available due to dialect variations, sensitivities about revising others’ work, or because the language itself is endangered and spoken by just a handful of people.

At wintranslation, we’ve developed a novel solution for cases like these: having the text translated back into the language of the source file for comparison with the original wording. If the reverse translation retains the meaning and spirit of the original, you can be confident in the translation even without a traditional revision.

While reverse translation is not available in every case, when it is possible we are happy to offer it as an alternative quality control mechanism.

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Value-added services for all translation projects

Plain Language Editing

With plain language editing, we transform complex source content into accessible, reader-friendly material prior to translation. This helps ensure your documents are jargon-free and engaging, with clear messaging that’s easy to understand. Our editors take great care to preserve the meaning and specificity of the original text while producing content that is simple and keeps the reader in mind.

Layout and Formatting

Translators typically require specific file types to carry out their work. But sometimes your only source material may be a published PDF or graphic design file. Our translators are not graphic designers, however, with our layout and formatting service, we draw on our team’s expertise in desktop publishing and familiarity with software such as InDesign and Photoshop to create workable files for our translators. When the translation is done, we’ll handle the formatting to return the work to you in the same layout as the original.

Having our firm take care of layout and formatting in cases like these saves you the time and trouble of managing back-and-forth file exchanges between your graphic designers and our translation team — getting you faster to the quality results you need.

Glossary and Terminology Management

It can be hard to achieve consistency across translations when every assignment has to start from scratch. Having a glossary or database of commonly translated terms speeds up the translation process while keeping costs down — improving quality, reducing errors and eliminating duplicate efforts. You get similar benefits from having a style guide to clarify preferences for spelling, grammar, punctuation and more.

Disciplined glossary and terminology management also helps you maintain your brand across translated materials. Many words can be translated in different ways — all correct, but not necessarily in your organization’s voice. A glossary ensures the right options are used every time, including for your company and product names, and spares translators unnecessary research time.

At wintranslation, we can work with you to create and manage these kinds of resources, boosting your corporate ‘translation memory’, improving accuracy and making localization projects more efficient.

Project Management

Whether large or small, simple or complex, translation projects are always time-consuming and demanding, involving multiple steps and teams of people. A single brochure produced in five languages requires the coordinated effort of at least 10 professionals. That’s why it’s essential to have a well-managed process that moves smoothly from file preparation to translation, editing, design and quality assurance.

Our dedicated and experienced project managers excel at orchestrating multi-translator efforts, shepherding progress while freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we’re here to manage resources and turnarounds and ensure on-time delivery of work to your specifications.

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