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Do you have a poster like this

but you need another language version of it?

(Drag slider left/right to see the 2 versions of this poster)

Government of Canada Nominate an Exceptional Educator Today!

This is a project we completed for the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada from English to Inuktitut. Most people think translators or translation companies can only handle text, so they send us a translation request by extracting the text like this.

2019 Prime Minister’s Awards for:

Teaching Excellence
Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Excellence in Early Childhood Education


But guess what!? We are not one of the other translators or translation companies! Our super powers enable us to be a super translator to you so that you get a poster in the language of your choice in a ready format, whether it is for print or the web. You can skip the steps of extracting the text and fighting with the translation in Adobe InDesign. Your graphic designer will be relieved that he or she doesn’t have to layout text in French, Chinese, Arabic, Inuktut or Cree! Plus all the time and hassle of having the stuff reviewed by a translator to make sure nothing messed up in the process!

So, here is what you need to send us

  • A PDF for our reference so we know what the poster should look like

  • Images and fonts used – your designer will know how to get these files

  • The source files of your existing poster. Most things are created in Adobe InDesign these days, so please send us the native .indd file.

  • If there are any images with text inside, maps or charts we will need the source files as well. These could be Illustrator or Photoshop files we will recreate in the target language.

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