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Arts and Culture Translation Services

We provide translation services for the arts and culture sector in Canada and around the world, ensuring that everyone has access to important cultural content and ideas.

Translation in the field of arts and culture requires sensitivity to tone, style, and attention to subtle nuances of the source material. Our clients rely on us to deliver accurate, culturally mindful translations in order to properly convey the intended message.

Our Services

  1. Reports and Documents Translation: Accurate translations of cultural reports, project documents, and publications.
  2. Artist Statements and Interviews: Preserving the artist’s voice and intent across languages and cultures.
  3. Print/Digital Media Translation: Seamless adaptation of your print and digital media content, including brochures, posters, postcards, and more.
  4. Museum/Exhibition Labels and Descriptions: Enhancing visitors’ experience with expert translations of museum and exhibition titles, descriptions, and labels.
  5. Website Localization: We adapt your website content to resonate with a diverse audience, reflecting their cultural and linguistic preferences.
  6. Cultural Consulting: Our team assists in navigating cultural differences ensuring your message is well received.
  7. AODA-Compliant Materials: Ensuring accessibility standards with our in-house AODA-certified experts.
  8. Multilingual Services: Translating into Canadian French, 40+ Indigenous languages of Canada, and international languages.
  9. Plain Language Service: We prioritize clear communication to improve comprehension, engagement, and the overall visitor experience.
  10. Interpretation Services: Our virtual interpretation services facilitate cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communication in the art world.

Our Expertise

Our team is well-versed in handling complex cultural contexts, artistic expressions, and sector-specific terminologies. Our clients receive translations that are accurate, culturally resonant, and designed to reach their intended audience effectively.

Looking for arts and culture translation services?

Call +1 (613) 686-1278 for more information or request a free translation quote.

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