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With translation resources in over 100 languages located all over the world, we bring together expertise in translator selection, project management, desktop publishing and localization engineering to provide one-stop convenience for our clients. Whether you are a technical publications manager or multicultural marketing professional, we provide the in-language support you need to sell your products worldwide or domestically in the original language of culturally diverse customers.

Translation Services

Our expert translators are experienced in translating all types of commercial, legal, & technical documents. Working with a wide range of document formats, we deliver accurate, quality document translations, on-time & in the format you need.

Website Translation Into French

Website Translation Services

With in-depth knowledge of languages & cultures, we deliver multilingual sites that maximize traffic from search engines, generate a pleasant user experience, & drive business results.

Indigenous Language Translation

We offer translation into 40+ Canada’s Indigenous languages, ranging from relatively widely-spoken languages, such as Inuktut and Cree dialects to rarer dialects like Michif and Inuvialuktun. Our translators specialize in various local dialects of the Inuit, First Nations, and Métis peoples of Canada.

Website Translation

Software Localization Services

Specializing in IT translations, our knowledgeable & culturally savvy translators have significant experience in handling software localization projects.

Layout & Artwork

Whether it be a business card, a brochure, or a report, trust our foreign language typesetters specializing in typesetting Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew & Arabic documents to produce it beautifully for your target audience!

Quality Control

Translation quality and our reputation is our lifeline and ensuring our clients receive their projects on time and with good quality is our number one concern.

Azaëlle Elliott-bouchard

Project Management

Planning, organizing, & managing linguistic resources to ensure the successful, high-quality completion of document/manual translation, marketing collateral, & web site localization is what we do best.

Terminology Management

Our staff are trained & certified by the International Network for Terminology & work with a network of world renowned experts to give you effective terminology management that results in major cost & time efficiencies.

Audio-video Translation

Audio-Visual Translation

Our audio visual translation specialists provide high-quality audio/visual localization & translation of various multimedia formats including films, presentations, videos, audio recordings, & more.


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