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How to Pay:

By direct deposit (preferred method):

The best way to pay us is directly to our bank account through an e-transfer (to ar at or bank transfer. If you are a Canadian client, and use the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), it is FREE to transfer your payable to us. If you use another Canadian bank, it will take one business day but it is still easy to transfer funds to us. Your project manager can let you know our bank account number and transit information so you can make the payment. Credit card companies charge a percentage of the invoice amount and add up quickly. Help us stay competitive by paying via bank transfer and save credit cards as a last resort.

By PayPal

By cheque:

The cheque should be made payable to wintranslation – our mailing address is below:
2197 Riverside Dr #602
Ottawa ON, K1H 7X3

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