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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to provide you with the most information possible so that you can make informed decisions based on your needs. We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Who is wintranslation?

wintranslation™ is an award-winning translation service company, provides culturally appropriate translation services to leading North American companies. Incorporating translation, artwork/design, and website/software localization under one roof, clients such as Scotiabank, the United Nations, and the Government of Canada choose to work with wintranslation for its one-stop convenience and outstanding client service.

More information here.

Why should I choose wintranslation?

Since 1998, wintranslation has been providing customers with the ability to communicate in more than 100 languages. With a proven reputation for providing reliable and high quality services performed by experienced translation professionals, the many reasons why you should choose wintranslation for all your translation and localization needs are outlined below.

  • Proven track record of 16 years of successful operation
  • 16 years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies
  • Accredited supplier to the Government of Canada
  • Staff who speak Asian languages available for cultural and linguistic consultation as well as turning around changes quickly
  • Expert level user of translation memory tools such as Trados and memoQ
  • Deploys server/cloud based translation memory technology to support real time multi-translator collaboration
  • Deploys web based workflow management solution for online estimation and order submission
  • Terminology training certified by the International Network of Terminology Management
  • Localization training certified by the University of California and the Localization Institute
  • 2010 and 2011 Small Business of the Year Finalist award recipient

Visit this page for more details.

What services do you offer?

wintranslation offers a wide range of translation related services:

Click here to get more details, or call (613) 686-1278 to discuss your translation needs.

What languages do you translate?

wintranslation provides services in over 100 languages. See the entire list here:

For languages not included in the list, please call or contact us by email.

Do you offer services into Aboriginal languages?

Yes. We offer translation services into Canadian Aboriginal languages: Algonquin, Cree, Dogrib, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Mi’kmaq, Mohawk, Montagnais, North Slavey, Ojibwe, etc.

Please give us a call at (613) 686-1278 or click here to request a free estimate.

What are your specialties? Do you have experience translating marketing or legal documents?

  • Agriculture
  • Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Medical
  • Other

What are the file formats supported by wintranslation?

We support most file formats: all Microsoft Office file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), QuarkXPress, InDesign, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc.

How do you ensure that the quality is maintained during the translation process?

We maintain high quality standards for ongoing projects by using the same dedicated Project Manager and translators. We make sure that translation memory is updated after each project and also that translators follow the glossaries, style guides and terminology.

What is a translation glossary?

A translation glossary enhances consistency in translated text and creates a better user experience for your readers. Having a glossary greatly reduces the chances of mistakes and confusion for your translation projects in the long run. Its benefits are similar to that of preventative medicine such as diet and exercise. A translation glossary could include some of the following terms:

  • Corporate brand names and slogans
  • Technical and clinical terminology
  • Acronyms
  • Text used for navigation menus and buttons (applicable to software & web sites)
  • Do-not-translate terms

More details on translation glossaries here

Who are the translators working on my project selected? How do I know they are any good?

The value we bring to our clients is NOT in finding a translator. It is in selecting a translator from the huge number of freelance translators working around the world. We use a methodology called peer review to select qualified translators and monitor their quality on an ongoing basis. One translator’s work is evaluated by another translator with similar or more experience. We look at the translation quality, including:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Flow of text
  • Proper use of register
  • Subject area knowledge
  • Ability to research terminology

Once the translator passes the test, we start him/her with small projects and continuously apply the peer review methodology by always having the text revised and commented on by a senior reviser. Once the translator has proven time and time again to be excellent, we start assigning large projects to him/her.

What is your quality control process?

Translation quality and our reputation is our lifeline and ensuring our clients receive their projects on time and with good quality is our number one concern.

Our regular translation is a two-step process. One translator begins with the translation and then the text is revised by a reviser. Our roster of translators and revisers are classified by their language and area of specialty. We closely match client’s requirements so that the translator is not only linguistically qualified but also familiar with the subject area.

More details on our translation quality control process here.

What is your quality guarantee?

We strongly believe that our work will meet or exceed your expectations. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will revise the translation and adapt it to your needs free of charge. The revision will have the highest priority for fast turnaround. If after the revision, you still feel the translation is not up to standards, we will pay for the service of a mutually acceptable third party to do a quality audit. If the audit concludes that we are at fault, we will select, and pay for another translator or translation agency to re-do the work.

wintranslation provides to its clients one free round of translation review. During this review, all translation errors and omissions shall be corrected free of charge and shall be requested by client within thirty (30) days from submission of the original translation. If the client does not request that any corrections be made within the time period specified above, the client shall be deemed to have fully accepted the supplied translation product. If there are special circumstances where the client requires longer review time, wintranslation must be notified in writing before project starts (email is acceptable).

How much do you charge for your services?

Our rates depend on the subject, language combination, volume, turnaround time and the complexity and format of the text supplied.

Please give us a call at (613) 686-1278 or click here to request a free estimate.

Do you offer translation discounts?

wintranslation offers discounts for large volume, repetitions, fuzzy matches… Please give us a call at (613) 686-1278 or click here to request a free estimate.

How do I pay for translation services?

Projects $2000 or less: Full payment is required in advance. Click here to pay online now.

Projects over $2000: 50% payment is required in advance and the remaining 50% must be paid upon completion before project is delivered.

Government clients: We accept official purchase orders and can invoice upon project completion.

What happens if I decide to cancel a project?

Projects that are $100 or less are non-refundable. All other projects are subject to an administrative fee of $100 plus work that has already been done.

Can you translate PDF files?

wintranslation can recreate your PDF files in different languages. In order to do this, we will need the source files in the native format. This process might also require an additional charge for desktop Publishing services on top of translation.

Please give us a call at (613) 686-1278 or click here to request a free estimate.

Do you translate Indesign files?

We can take your InDesign file and return it in its original format.  Though translators don’t work with Indesign files, wintranslation has in-house multilingual desktop specialists and engineers who can help prepare the files for translation and after translation. More details here. 

Do you translate FrameMaker manuals?

We can take any FrameMaker file and return it in its original format, including any markers and conditional text in the document. It is not necessary to output FrameMaker files to another format such as rich text files (.RTF).

The use of the most modern translation tools allows us to translate manuals, catalogues and other documents directly in MIF, Adobe FrameMaker’s interchange format, thus making it unnecessary to re-paginate each language version produced. More details here.

What is the turnaround time for translation?

Turnaround time depends on the languages, volume and specialization required. A translator can translate about 1500 words per day, while an editor could work on around 6000 words per day.

To assure the best quality, wintranslation has a minimum two days turnaround for all projects.

Can wintranslation handle high volume projects in a short period of time?

Yes. wintranslation is using memoQ server edition, allowing multiple translators and editors to collaborate.

To speed up turnaround time for large workloads while maintaining the integrity of all documents, multiple translators can share and update the same centralized translation memory and lexicon while working on the files. Each translator will be able to see the latest progress report and leverage what others have done to speed up the turnaround time. Once the translators have finished the translation, the editor will receive a notification from the system and be able to start revision without any delay. Better yet, rather than waiting for the email, editors can start reviewing a partially finished translation while the translators work on the remaining part. With this approach, the translators will receive feedback from the editor in real time and adjust the translation accordingly, which in turn shortens the time the editors need to revise the translation.

Let us know your questions, we’ll be more than happy to answer. Please give us a call at 1 (877) 742-5982 or click here to request a free estimate.

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