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Hiring right – road to success

Running a translation business is not easy. As small as the industry may be, we as business owners face a full set of business challenges: personnel management, sales and marketing, client relations, and the list goes on. Everyday, we go into work hoping to improve the business, to make it more successful. Sometimes we wonder, what is the killer factor? What makes some companies more successful than others?

Search engine visibility in China

With China emerging as an economic superpower, more and more companies are launching Chinese web sites to establish a presence. The Chinese language has the second largest share on the World’s Internet market, with English in the top spot, and Japanese in third.

Achieving High Visibility on the Global Web – How to Prepare Your Web Site for Translation

Is there a demand for your products or services outside of your domestic market? If so, how are you marketing to this group of potential customers? How do you overcome language and cultural barriers? Web Localization, which is the process of translating your web site into your customers' languages and adapting to local markets, is an essential step toward establishing a market presence.

Designing Navigation for Multilingual Content Mistakes

Thinking of translating your web site? Are you looking for an experienced language service partner to share with you their knowledge of languages and cultures of the markets you wish to reach? Wintranslation is a specialist in translating websites and adapting them for international markets. In addition to professional translating…

Richard Ishida

Probably the most oft-repeated comment I receive after an awareness-raising keynote is, “I had no idea!” This sort of thing isn’t usually taught in schools or universities, developers are often embedded in homogenous societies or find it hard to see past the large home user base, and people are kept really busy worrying about what’s right in front of their nose, much of the time.
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