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The Gazette

Fine-tuning websites lost in translation SARAH DOUGHERTY, Special to the Gazette Published: Monday, November 19 2007 The Gazette The Entrepreneurs. Huiping Iler's firm helps companies trolling global markets for customers adapt their sites to other cultures A few years ago, emissaries from the California winery Kendall-Jackson met with restaurateurs in China.…

The Vancouver Sun

Translator helps B.C. firms pitch to China

Chinese and Western worlds fail miserably to understand each other

Wintranslation CEO Huiping Iler has this advice for B.C. business people and travellers headed to China: "It is vastly different from the West. Not just in its language, but also in its people's way of thinking, behaving and communicating." Here are some examples of what befuddles people in China when they meet Westerners: Why do you mean, "I am not getting to the point?"

Joanne Lee-Young, Vancouver Sun

CBC Radio Canada International

Date: January 15, 2007 CBC Radio Canada International "The Link" Profile of WTB Language Group Inc. "This week I spoke to Huiping Iler. She is the owner of her company WTB Language Group Inc. She was born and raised in Hunan Province, China and studied English literature." Reported by David…

The Gazette

Date: April 10, 2008 Web translation about more than words Sites must also reflect cultural preferences Roberto Rocha The Canadian Tourism Commission knew exactly how to optimize its website to foreign markets. It knew that Germans prefer canoe trips, while the Japanese are fond of organized bus tours. The multilingual…

Date: July 17 , 2008 Going to China these days? Either you go for business or pleasure, you might need to prepare yourself ahead of time. This article will help you avoid embarrassing or possible expensive situations when dealing with Chinese people. Read the article

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