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5 Ways to Use Website Translation to Help the Bottom Line

A few days ago I was browsing through Google News and read a story on Toys “R” Us’ plan to sell its global toy division. The story got me interested right away. What would Toys “R” Us do without its toys division? How did a company once at the supremacy of the toy business become so battered to be forced to sell its core business?

The dangers of publishing your website in another language

Publishing your website in another language is like managing a brand new website. It demands people who are expert in writing and editing in that language. The standard of English on the Web, for example, is often poor, even for those whose native language it is. It can be embarrassingly bad for websites publishing English as a foreign language.

Exhibit Works Case Study: Website Localization

Exhibit Works is a market leader in developing exhibit programs, mobile tours, museum exhibits and themed attractions. The company wanted to reach a global audience by translating their website into Chinese, French, German, Hindi and Spanish.
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