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Technology Translation Services

Wintranslation has been a comprehensive supplier of localization and document translation for technology companies across Canada the world for years.

From promotional documents to highly technical documentation we have the capacity to make sure your translations are consistent, precise and delivered on time.

Specialists with Recurring Translation Projects

Our experience with clients in the technology field spans everything from internal technical documents to those that are more public facing and require precision. For all clients we also maintain a database of specialized, industry-specific terms so each concurrent translation is consistent.

Dedicated PM's

Each project, regardless of size is assigned a dedicated project manager that ensures not only that your translation is completed on time, but any consultation on specific dialect considerations.

Full Transparency

We know deadlines are important, so you can expect seamless communication with your project manager throughout the entire project should we need anything from you or if you need any clarification from us. 

Graphics, Diagrams, Layouts

Visual aspects of your documents shouldn’t be excluded from a proper translation. For graphs, maps, tables and other visual elements our team has experience making sure they are translated just as fast and accurately as simple text. 

Tech Sector Documents vs Other Documents

When dealing with tech companies translation requests we have to do our best to make sure any specific requirements or terminology is translated accurately which can be challenging for longer documents. We pride ourselves on making sure any terms which require clarification are communicated beforehand to make sure that deadlines aren’t affected. 

Translation Memory For Large / Ongoing Projects

For recurring clients or those with especially large projects we use MemoQ, industry-standard software that allows translated terms to be stored and used congruently throughout longer or multiple translations. If a certain term was translated one way throughout one section of a document, it should be translated the same way in the future and we make sure that is the case for all our clients.

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