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Sylvie Shen, Finance and IT Lead

Sylvie Shen is from mainland China and has been with wintranslation for over six years. She manages some of our high-profile clients, as well as some of our Chinese translation projects. She came to Canada as an international student more than 22 years ago. Her Chinese friends say that she is Canadian, more than Chinese, and indeed, she can now say she has been in Canada most of her life.

As wintranslation’s Finance and IT Lead, Sylvie is well-versed in the workings of the company and in the translation industry. She has occupied many positions, from Executive Assistant to Project Manager, Bookkeeper, and Localization Engineer. She holds a PMP Certification, and a BSc. in Computer Science, in addition to an Advanced Diploma in Accounting. In her current role, she takes care of the company’s finance and technology requirements and balances these responsibilities with the commitments of being a mother.

What Sylvie loves most about her work is the view she has of the whole of the business, through an accounting and project management lens. She finds it interesting. She also truly appreciates the flexibility she gets to organize her work as she sees fit and loves the accommodating ways of the environment and team.

When we ask her what it takes to work at wintranslation she first indicates it is a fast-paced environment, so you need to be quick on your feet. She also says that one needs to be mindful of the style of the language used, depending on the client. She wasn’t talking about culture in this case, although this is important, she was describing the fact that clients have certain distinct ways of saying things, which needs to be considered as well.

Special Word: 无为而无不为, is a wise Chinese expression that means: “do nothing, achieve everything”. It is an expression that points to letting things be and accepting them as they are instead of stressing out.

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