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Join Us As a Project Manager

Why work with us?

We are leaders in providing autonomy and flexibility for our employees. You don’t need to come to our Ottawa office location! Most of our team works remotely and is located all over the world. We are a data-driven, business-oriented company that values analytically-minded people. We encourage open communication on difficult subjects and believe talent resides in people of all ages, gender, and cultural backgrounds. We are currently looking for applicants with similar values.

We are particularly interested in candidates for Project Manager roles who:

  • have experience in the translation industry as a project manager or translator
  • are highly organized, collaborative and willing to learn new skills
  • have international experience, experience working with Indigenous languages and French skills would also be assets for this role

What is it like working as a Project Manager at wintranslation?

Wintranslation’s Project Managers are the day-to-day face of our business and ensure that our translation projects run smoothly, on time, on budget, and to everyone’s satisfaction. As a Project Manager, you will oversee translation projects from beginning to end. You will be representing wintranslation as you communicate with both clients and translators. If you are well organized and you love learning something new every day, engaging deeply with new cultures and traditions, and helping people gain access to and understand important information, a project management role with us may be a great fit for you. At wintranslation we have Project Manager positions for French translations, Indigenous translations, and International translations.

We are always on the lookout for talented Project Managers. Our job posters describe the specific requirements and qualifications for the position. Read our latest job poster.

Are you are interested in working with us as a Project Manager?

Call us at 613-686-1278 to learn more or complete our application form online.


Olga Haznaci is one of wintranslation’s stellar Project Managers. Olga first started working with wintranslation on a freelance basis. Soon after, she was hired as our marketing coordinator. Coming from a Ukrainian-based translation agency, as well as co-owning a Turkish translation agency, she brought many new contacts to the team and, with her many talents, she has helped shape our approach to project management.

Her natural curiosity coupled with ample work opportunities have helped her develop her many professional attributes in her career. From starting as a complete beginner on Indigenous languages and their dialects, she has developed significant expertise and knowledge in this area, for example in helping our team ensure our work meets Inuktitut language standards. Her prior work experience in the translation industry, the business contacts she has accumulated, and her excellent interpersonal communication skills helped facilitate Olga’s transition to becoming efficient and effective at project management. She naturally fell into this leadership role.

Today, Olga works at wintranslation as a Project Manager. Her work at wintranslation has honed her knowledge of the Canadian work environment, government procurement, and Indigenous history in Canada. Her detail oriented, personable approach continues to contribute to a successful workplace environment which benefits the whole team, as well as our clients.

The work here at wintranslation has been very rewarding. Every client is unique and comes with it’s own project and a challenge. Every translator is unique and adds their own story. Helping find solutions, bringing together a team to work on a project, learning new things about our society, its complexity from different perspectives. Those are the things I value the most. Working at wintranslation has helped me become a better communicator, planner, and has showed me the importance of open conversation when working in a diverse environment. 

Olga Haznaci
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