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Description du projet

Le Congrès des peuples autochtones a confié à wintranslation la traduction en français de sa Reconciliation Toolkit. Cette brochure vise à faciliter le processus de réconciliation proposé aux entreprises canadiennes. Version française de la brochure


Client : Congrès des peuples autochtones Langue cible : français Produit : brochure de 33 pages Outils employés : Adobe Indesign, memoQ


I valued the kindness and consideration given to us. While always being professional, we were treated like people, not clients. When we got a reply, wintranslation remembered that we had had a past contract with them. I really appreciated that they remembered our organization and this gave me confidence in their respectful engagement. We created a reconciliation toolkit for business leaders and wanted to make sure that everyone had access to it. Wintranslation really helped us out.

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