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Olga Haznaci, Account Manager

While completing a Major in English Language and Literature in Ukraine, Olga Haznaci was introduced to the world of translation while temping for a business intelligence magazine producing iron and steel reports that she was translating into English. Olga later joined a local translation company where she helped establish international connections and strengthen client relationships and participated in, and organized translation industry events. Eventually, Olga chose Canada as her home but was determined to remain a part of the global translation community and answered an ad by wintranslation to start freelancing. Soon after, she was hired as Marketing Coordinator.

Olga then proceeded to hone her knowledge of the Canadian work environment, government procurement, and Indigenous history. Her detail-oriented, personable approach contributes to a successful workplace environment that benefits the whole team, as well as our clients and Indigenous language translators.

She has happily settled into a full-time Indigenous Translations Project Manager position, as one of wintranslations’ stellar leads. She balances the responsibilities of motherhood while excelling in her career. She took on this position as a complete beginner in Indigenous languages and dialects and has since developed significant expertise and knowledge.

“The work here at wintranslation has been very rewarding. Every client is unique and comes with his own project and challenge. Every translator is unique and adds their own story. Helping find tailored solutions, bringing together a team to work on a project, and learning new things about our society, and its complexity from different perspectives: are the things I value most. Working at wintranslation has helped me become a better communicator and planner, and has shown me the importance of open conversation when working in a diverse environment.”

Special Word in Ukrainian: кульбаба, which means ‘’dandelion’’. Olga loves dandelions, for their color but mostly because of what they signify for her: the arrival of spring and memories of a time when traveling with her family to land they own to better enjoy the season.

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