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New French-Canadian Website!

New French-Canadian Website for World-Class Translation Services in Ottawa

French-Canadian translation services are nothing new on the web. On any given day, a prospect can find dozens of firms all promising accurate & professional translations – French-Canadian included. However, what you almost never find is a translation company that actually puts their expertise where the world can see how truly good they are – on their own Quebecoise-oriented translated site.

One of the few that do is us – an established company offering professional translation services in Ottawa, Canada. With over 16 years of providing culturally–targeted high-quality translation and localization services, their trained team of professional translators and localization engineers are chosen because they are first and foremost native speakers of the languages they translate.

French-Canadians are understandably quite proud of their culture and language, but show little patience for poorly written websites, articles, advertisements, technical manuals and the like that seem to have been constructed more by machine than humans.

First and foremost, the French translation services of this Ottawa based company are always done by their own specially trained professionals. Of course they use the latest software in order to complete their work – but every word translated is personally vetted by them.

Over 100 Languages

Founded in 1998 by Huiping Iler, we now enjoy a worldwide staff of talented team professionals, translating in over 100 different languages. However, what has catapulted us into market dominance is their unwavering commitment to both quality and customer service.

If a project is time sensitive, their clients can rest assured their translation project will be done on time and on budget – with no excuses and no exceptions. This is one reason why so many companies have chosen wintranslation for their translation and localization needs over the last 16 years.

Offering a wide-range of services, clients needing professional French translation services geared specifically to the French-Canadian marketplace need look no further than wintranslation.

With over six million native French speakers found in Quebec alone, they are complemented by yet another million native French-Canadian speakers throughout the rest of Canada. In fact, over 30% of the Canadian citizenry speaks French!

With such impressive numbers, we decided it was time to have their own website geared directly to their French speaking countrymen and women.

Expansive Range of Translation Expertise

Here’s a small sampling of what documents we can turn into a perfect French-Canadian translation that any Quebecoise would find exceptionally well-written and professional:

  • Website Translations
  • Document Translations
  • Software Localization
  • Audio-Video Translations
  • Terminology Management

Our French-Canadian website is found at: The English version site is located at:  Or give us a call by toll-free at: 1 (877) 742 5982.

For the finest, most accurate professional translation services in Ottawa and indeed all of Canada, wintranslation is the one company you should have first in mind. From French-Canadian localizations, to a host of other worldwide languages, your business and professional needs will be more than met by the pros at wintranslation.

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