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Natural Resources Translation Services

Wintranslation is a leading provider of Indigenous Language translation services in Canada. We work with a variety of languages and dialects and provide tailored translation solutions for governments of different levels, public and private sector organizations operating in the area of environment and natural resources.

Whether you’re looking to create resources in the Indigenous languages spoken in Canada or choosing the right voice for the community you are working with – you’ll need knowledge of the dialect landscapes and a network of reliable translators to get your message across.

Our Services

  1. Reports and Documents Translation: Accurate translations of reports, project documents, and publications.
  2. Print/Digital Media Translation:  Support and direct translation of content, created in InDesign, FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher, and other publishing software.
  3. Website Localization: We adapt your website content to resonate with a diverse audience, reflecting their cultural and linguistic preferences.
  4. Cultural Consulting: Our team assists in navigating cultural differences ensuring your message is well received.
  5. AODA-Compliant Materials: Ensuring accessibility standards with our in-house AODA-certified experts.
  6. Multilingual Services: Translating into Canadian French, 40+ Indigenous languages of Canada, and international languages.
  7. Plain Language Service: We prioritize clear communication to improve comprehension, engagement, and value of your materials.
  8. Interpretation Services:  Our virtual interpretation services facilitate conversation with local communities using web conferencing platforms saving interpreter travel time and fees. 

Our Expertise

Large network of Indigenous translators

We provide translation services in Canada’s 60 Indigenous languages. Over the years, we’ve built and maintained strong relationships with Indigenous culture and language keepers, linguists, Elders. Their experience, nuanced approach to terminology, and passion for their native languages will ensure that your message has clarity and value.

Dialect consultation

Most of the Indigenous languages spoken in Canada form complex linguistic landscapes with noticeable regional variations and differences in writing systems. Our in-house experts and wide network of trusted Indigenous advisors will guide you on what dialect to choose based on your project scope, location, type of documents for translation, and target audience.

Project management

Each project, regardless of size is assigned to a dedicated project manager to ensure that your translation is delivered on time and in line with your expectations. Our project managers and a dedicated Indigenous vendor manager provide support to Indigenous translators who work out of their communities in remote areas and have limited computer access and experience. Some projects require layout checks, while others are processed using industry-standard translation and quality assurance tools to preserve consistent terminology and avoid mistakes. A unique understanding of the vast language landscape, challenging social economic conditions in Indigenous communities, and a best-in-class supply network of qualified Indigenous translators make wintranslation your translation partner of choice.

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