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Need A Naskapi Translation? We Can Help.

Naskapi (also known as the “y” dialect and Iyuw Iyimuun in the Naskapi language) is a dialect spoken by the approximately 1 000 Naskapi people living in the interior of Quebec and Labrador. It is a Cree dialect, and is written using the same syllabics as Eastern Cree. Although it shares many linguistic similarities with the Montagnais language, it still remains a unique and distinct language within its area.


English to Naskapi and Naskapi to English Translation Services

Professional translators whose native language is Naskapi perform our English to Naskapi and Naskapi to English translations. Our experienced translators have in-depth understanding of the Naskapi language including its spelling, grammar, and cultural appropriateness. 


This dialect is spoken along with Montagnais in the Mushuau Innu community of Labrador. Although it is quite distinct from the Eastern Montagnais spoken nearby in Sheshatshiu, Labrador, both dialects are referred to as the Innu-aimun language. 

First Nations and Communities where Eastern Naskapi is commonly spoken

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Natuashish (Sango Bay)

The dialect of Western Naskapi originated from Fort Chino, where the Naskapi people first lived, although they moved near Schefferville Quebec in 1956. It shares many linguistic similarities with Northern East Cree. 

First Nations and Communities where Western Naskapi is commonly spoken


  • Kawawachikamach Reserve

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