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It’s a Win-Win-Win Situation!


At wintranslation, we’ve made it a habit to give back to the community as much as possible, and in the ways we know best. In the past, we’ve done many volunteer translations for some great non-profit organizations. And this is one habit we’re not ready to kick just yet–or ever! This is why we have a special offering for you to take part of from January 9th until February 28th, wintranslation will donate 5%* of the profit of one of your projects to a charitable organization!

For the occasion, each wintranslation team member has picked a charity that speaks to their heart and is inviting you to choose the one that speaks to yours. When your pick is made, and your project completed, wintranslation will donate to your choice of charity on your behalf.


Our picks?

Our Project Manager, Azaëlle’s cause is the Canadian Women’s Foundation. This organization specializes in helping women and girls leave violence and poverty behind to instead make place for confidence and leadership. They are working everyday towards improving gender equality in the world which in turns provides social and economic benefits for everyone. As a women-owned and operated business Azaëlle, along with everyone in the office, understands the importance of supporting and helping women. Girl power!

Jillian, who works as the Lead for the Aboriginal Translation Unit, chose Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization who aims to improve the health and lives of people in poverty and in emergency situations. They provide assistance to people all around the world that need it, with a big focus of their help being on health. If you’re hoping to make an impact on the international scene and current crises – this is the cause for you.

Felicia, operations manager by day and cat lover by night, had to pick the Humane Society International – Canada as her cause. This organization is a leading force for animal protection. HSI Canada works to protect all animals in as many ways as they can. Felicia loves and takes great care of her cat, she wants to make sure every other creature big and small is also safe!

Sheza, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, made the Food Banks Canada’s Hunger in the North program her pick. The Food Banks Canada is dedicated to helping Canadians living with food insecurity, their network assists Canadians who turn to food banks each month. The Hunger in the North program is specifically aimed at households in the Canadian territories, where 1 in every 5 households skips meals due to a lack of food. Let’s work together on changing that statistic.

Account Manager Frédérique’s cause is the Canadian Cancer Society, a national organization whose mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. Their main vision? Creating a world where no Canadian fears cancer. As for many others out there, cancer is a cause that hits close to home for our staff, and so there’s no way we’ll turn down an opportunity to join the fight!

Our president Huiping’s pick is the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health located in the city of Ottawa (also home to our head office). The Wabano Centre is a community health centre that provides a wide array of medical assistance, social services, support and youth programs for Ottawa’s Aboriginal population of almost 40,000. The services at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health are offered in a culturally sensitive way that welcomes, accepts and represents all Aboriginal people.

We hope one of our picks lines up with your values and visions for a better world. This might seem like a little gesture, but it’s with little gestures like these that we can make a change together! Contact us now for details and to help spread awareness to these causes. Keep an eye out for a progress update on the amounts raised by you.

*5% of the project profit up to a CAD $500 maximum per project.

Private: Frédérique Mantha

Frédérique Mantha is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, from which she holds a BA in Translation with Specialization in French-Spanish-English. As an Account Manager, she manages several French and multilingual clients. Frédérique also continues to translate into her mother tongue French; she does volunteer translations for TED among other projects. She also dedicates some of her time to writing blog articles and creative content. Before joining the team at her current position, Frédérique completed a Recruitment Internship at wintranslation, having gone through the experience herself, today she effectively manages our growing internship program.

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