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Need A Inupiaq Translation? We Can Help.

The Inupiaq language (also known as Inupiat, Inupiak, Inupik, or Alaskan Inuit) is spoken by the Inupiat people of northern and northwestern Alaska in the United States. It is also spoken in some regions of the Northwest Territories in northern Canada. Inupiaq is part of the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan language family and, therefore, has close relations to the Inuit languages of Canada (Inuktut) and Greenland. Inupiaq is an official language of the State of Alaska and boasts an estimated 2,000 speakers.

What do I need to know about Aboriginal Languages?

Sweward Peninsula Inupiatun

The Seward Peninsula Inupiatun dialect collects two dialects, which are then further broken down into more subdialects of Inupiaq. The Bering Strait dialect is spoken on King Island and the Diomede islands, as well as the villages north of Nome. The Qawiaraq dialect is spoken in Teller, Qawiaraq, as well as villages south of Nome.

  • Bering Strait dialect
    • Diomede subdialect – spoken among the tribal nation of Iŋalikmiut
    • Wales subdialect – spoken among the tribal nations of Kiŋikmiut and Tapqaġmiut
    • King Island subdialect – spoken among the tribal nation of Ugiuvaŋmiut
  • Qawiaraq dialect
    • Teller subdialect – spoken among the tribal nations of Siñiġaġmiut and Qawiaraġmiut
    • Fish River subdialect – spoken among the tribal nation of Iġałuiŋmiut

Northern Alaskan Iñupiatun

The Northern Alaskan Iñupiatun dialect also collects two dialects which each break down into further subdialects. The Malimiutun and North Slope dialects are used in the Northwest Arctic and North Slope regins, from Deering to Inuvik and Aklavik in the Mackenzie Delta of the Northwest Territories.

  • Malimiutun dialect
    • Kobuk subdialect – spoken among the tribal nations of Kuuŋmiut, Kiitaaŋmiut, Siilim Kaŋianiġmiut, Nuurviŋmiut, Kuuvaum Kaŋiaġmiut, Akuniġmiut, Nuataaġmiut, Napaaqtuġmiut, and Kivalliñiġmiut
    • Coastal subdialect – spoken among the tribal nations of Pittaġmiut, Kaŋiġmiut, and Qikiqtaġruŋmiut
  • North Slope dialect
    • Common North Slope subdialect – spoken among the tribal nations of Utuqqaġmiut, Siliñaġmiut, Kakligmiut, Kuulugruaġmiut, Ikpikpagmiut, and Kuukpigmiut
    • Point Hope subdialect – spoken among the tribal nation of Tikiġaġmiut
    • Anaktuvuk Pass subdialect – spoken among the tribal nation of Nunamiut
    • Uummarmiutun subdialect – spoken among the tribal nation of Uummarmiut

I have enjoyed my work with wintranslation. Every bit helps to maintain and keep alive our spirit given language of Anishinaabemowin. The translating helps me increase my language skills and it is a good way to get our language out there for people learn and utilize. The workers from wintranslation have been very nice and professional and always help with adjusting due dates and payments are on time. Gichi-miigwech, wintranslation!

Ningii-bishigendaan Wintranslation gaa-onji-anokiiyaan. Gakina gegoo ninaadamaagon ji-ganawendamaan miinawaa ji-anishinaabemong maanda gidinwewininaan manitoo gaa-miininang anishinaabemowin. Apii aanikanootaabii’igeyaan ninaadamaagon ji-nitaa-anishinaabewibii’igeyaan eshkam miinawaa onizhishin anishinaabemowin ateg wii-nandagikendaming miinawaa wii-agindaming. Igiw wenji-anokiijig Wintranslation aapiji onizhishiwag miinawaa nitaa-anokiiwag miinawaa apane odaanjitoonaawaa apii ge-giizhitoong aanikanootaabii’igewinan miinawaa iniw diba’igewinan apane minopii diba’igeng. Gichi-miigwech Wintranslation!

Perry B., Anishinaabemowin Translator

Working for wintranslation has been a very rewarding experience for me and helps me keep both Michif and Plains Cree languages alive. The staff are always very helpful with any inquiries I may have and very prompt in replying. They are accommodating with payments and the projects are always enjoyable to receive. I would recommend working with wintranslation to anyone.

Kaa atooshkeyan poor wintranslation mitooni kishchi taapatun ga pimatishihtayan ooma Michif la laang. Otatooshkewuk tapitow ni wiichihikwuk kiishpin kakwaychihkaymoowina ni aayan. Nihta tipahikaywuk miina atooshkaywin tapitow nahikoohk miina ni miiyeuyihtayn ka pi itshahkawaw. Aen wiihtamawaw pikwa awiiyuk ga atooshkayt avek wintranslation.

Marie K., Michif and Plains Cree Translator

Working with Wintranslation is amazing. It gives me opportunity to do what I enjoy, translating, and it gives me satisfaction that I have helped the community of Rankin Inlet in this one small way. It helps me feel like I am doing my part to help keep my dialect, Aivilingmiut/Rankin Inlet, alive.

The staff and coordination is very straightforward and it is easy to work with. Any questions I have are answered, and they give me the opportunity to take a job or to give it to someone else - there are no surprises or unexpected pressures of any kind.

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Appolina M., Inuktut Translator

Our organization needed several materials translated into Atikamekw and Naskapi to promote rail safety in Indigenous communities. Wintranslation responded to our request and provided us with an accurate quote and estimated turnaround time — which was surprisingly quick. Although our materials were designed in-house, the wintranslation team was happy to review all final designs to ensure there were no errors, and the layout was correct. We will definitely do business with them again for future projects.

Maryse Betournay

I approached Wintranslation because I needed a series of Educational Posters translated into Swampy Cree to facilitate a broader reach to our Indigenous audience. Wintranslation made the process easy even when I was unable to communicate regularly. I really appreciated their quick turn around times (faster than quoted) and their patience with my questions about the translation (not having any background with the language). The end result are some fabulous resources that will be shared with kids and adults alike, with more to come!

Vanessa Lee

I love that Wintranslation services assigns me flexible work that I can do remotely , from the comfort of my own home or when I travel. The mobile and flexible work suits my needs and gives me a lot of freedom.
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Gloria P., Inuktut Translator

I had a great experience working with WinTranslation. I called first to get an idea of what specific Indigenous dialect I would need translation into based on my program's region and they were very helpful. I received a quick response back on my request for a quote and prompt and polite service throughout the entire interaction. In addition, receipt of my e-mail was acknowledged in a timely manner even though my consultant was out of the office for the afternoon which helped to put my mind at ease.

Rebekah Wilson

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An award-winning translation service provider based in North America, wintranslation has a fifteen year track record in managing complex multimedia and large-scale projects on time and on budget. Our company specializes in the translation of Canada’s aboriginal languages including Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Malecite and Ojibwe. Please see our languages page for a full list of languages.


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