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We contacted wintranslation to have one of our assessment documents translated into Eastern Ojibwe. The communication was easy and the translation was delivered with attention to detail and care. The very next time, when we required translation of another document into Dënesųłiné (Chipewyan), nēhiyawēwin (Plains Cree), Néhinaw (Swampy Cree) and Nīhithawīwin (Woods Cree) we contacted wintranslation and really appreciated the one-stop convenience and their capabilities in Indigenous languages we requested.

Danielle Durepos

Je continue d’être impressionnée par la qualité et la flexibilité du service fourni par wintranslation. Les textes rendus sont toujours impeccables et les commentaires des réviseurs toujours à propos. J’apprécie beaucoup de pouvoir compter sur cet atout pour les projets que notre petite équipe ne peut traiter seule.

Géraldine Green

I valued the kindness and consideration given to us. While always being professional, we were treated like people, not clients. When we got a reply, wintranslation remembered that we had had a past contract with them. I really appreciated that they remembered our organization and this gave me confidence in their respectful engagement. We created a reconciliation toolkit for business leaders and wanted to make sure that everyone had access to it. Wintranslation really helped us out.

Shelagh Roxburgh

Learning client relations

Our translation interns, especially those scheduled for night time and weekends will have a chance to act as the client contact. In this role, you will learn to:

• Check availability and assign projects to our team of translators and revisors
• Accept assignments from clients and negotiate deadlines if necessary
• Use memoQ as a project manager to perform tasks such as creating a project, delivering files to the client, assigning translators and revisers.

Translation Alignment and Building Glossaries

Our translation interns will have opportunities to learn how to align previous source and target files into a translation memory. We also create and maintain terminology databases for our clients. You will have a chance to put the best terminology management practices into use.


We provide you with self study materials in the beginning. They are a combination of training material produced by Kilgray, which is the maker of memoQ as well as our own custom recorded training. We encourage you to write down a list of questions once you have completed the self study. Our trainer will do a one-on-one session to answer all your questions and can also be available at a later time for specific questions you may have. Other translators, revisers, and supervisors are also good sources of information. We encourage you to add the team members to your Skype contact list for easy access.


Translators like working with us! We are a group of easy-going, friendly people that love to help you learn and grow! We are here to support you and once you are well on your way to being a professional translator, we will provide a recommendation letter and be available as a fabulous reference to help you reach new heights professionally!

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