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Kickstart Your Translation Career as a French Intern!

Interested in working and growing in the translation field? We are currently looking for French interns who are able to take initiative, are open to teamwork and collaboration, and are eager to learn the nuances of a translation business.

What you will learn

Becoming an expert user of memsource

memsource is the market leader in translation software. As you progress on your path to becoming professional translator, knowing how to use a CAT tool is a huge marketable skill to have! While you have learned some basics in school, interning with us will allow you to practice using memsource on real projects. We provide you with a licence, training and on-going support. We have a memsource expert on staff who is available to answer your questions quickly. Other translation interns and revisors are also a great peer support that can help you become better each day at using memsource! Interning with us will be an enriching, hands-on opportunity with plenty of training at your fingertips. At the conclusion of your time with us, you will be an expert user of memsource.

Perfecting your craft of translation

All of your texts will be revised by a senior translator. You will have a chance to review the changes that were made during the revision process. Studying the changes will help you see where mistakes were made and how they were corrected. Another soft skill you will learn is how to take constructive criticism and articulate your own choice of terminology when necessary. The on-going process of receiving feedback will help you become a much better translator!

Learning client relations

Our translation interns, especially those scheduled for night time and weekends will have a chance to act as the client contact. In this role, you will learn to:

  • Check availability and assign projects to our team of translators and revisors
  • Accept assignments from clients and negotiate deadlines if necessary
  • Use memsource as a project manager to perform tasks such as creating a project, delivering files to the client, assigning translators and revisors

Translation alignment and building glossaries

Our translation interns will have opportunities to learn how to align previous source and target files into a translation memory. We also create and maintain terminology databases for our clients. You will have a chance to put the best terminology management practices into use.

Your work environment

Work in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to travel to our Ottawa office to work. Be comfortable in your lounge pants and a cup of coffee while you work on the translations. When there is no text assigned to you, feel free to sit on your porch, go for a walk or feed your cat!

Friendly environment

Translators like working with us! We are a group of easy-going, friendly people that love to help you learn and grow! We are here to support you and once you are well on your way to being a professional translator, we will provide a recommendation letter and be available as a fabulous reference to help you reach new heights professionally!


We realize that our interns need help sometimes and so our support is here. Our supervisors are on Skype, so if you add them as a contact, help is just a short online message away. Our supervisors are experienced project managers who know the translation process and can troubleshoot memsource related problems.


We provide you with self study materials in the beginning. We encourage you to write down a list of questions once you have completed the self study. Our trainer will do a one-on-one session to answer all your questions and can also be available at a later time for specific questions you may have. Other translators, revisors, and supervisors are also good sources of information. We encourage you to add the team members to your Skype contact list for easy access.

Are you interested in an Internship position at wintranslation?

Call us at 613-686-1278 to learn more or complete our application form online.


Ian Fafard was a recent graduate from the Professional Translation program at the University of Sherbooke. He had interned at the Translation Bureau during his undergraduate studies and did not have any professional experience aside from that. He had learned some basics of CAT tools but did not know any well. Ian wanted to be able to work from his home office and travel occasionally to the U.S. to visit his girlfriend. So he was looking for a work arrangement that allowed him to learn while remaining ultra-flexible. So telework as an intern while earning an income was attractive to Ian. He started interning for wintranslation in 2012 and continued for just under two years. In the two years, he blossomed and gradually took on more and more responsibilities from translation to project management and translator recruitment. He became an expert user of memsource and his translation skills improved exponentially.

He is now an in-house professional translator in the Montreal area.

“ Thanks to the internship opportunity at wintranslation, I have acquired priceless experience in the field of professional translation. In less than two years, wintranslation has allowed me to exponentially diversify and develop my skill set. Difficult situations were transformed into challenges, and I was granted incredible flexibility and autonomy. No other company could have given me so much, so early in my career – fresh out of university. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and the training wintranslation has provided me to become a professional translator. ”

– Ian Fafard

Professional Translator, Montreal Canada

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