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Hugo Panau, Project Manager – French/English Translation Projects

We are proud to release the first post in a five-part series that showcases some of our outstanding employees here at wintranslation! We hope these stories will allow you to learn more about our team, and the talented individuals behind our translation efforts. To start things off, here is a success story featuring Hugo Panau, who is celebrating two years here at wintranslation!

Hugo Panau, Project Manager – French/English Translation Projects

Hugo Panau is the French-language lead and Project Manager for wintranslation. Hugo holds a Bachelors’ in Applied Foreign Languages and a Masters’ degree in Multilingual Specialized Translation. He is a great example of someone who started as an intern and has grown into other roles. He has spent a fair amount of time in Australia and in Spain as a French Teachers’ Assistant while completing his linguistic studies in English, Spanish, and French.

Hugo‘s role is to ensure the quality and delivery of French-language translation projects as he manages the remote team of French-language translators.

What Hugo loves most about daily translation work is the ease that develops beyond translating word for word and arriving at the idiomatic expression level, where the cultural sense of expressing oneself starts shining through a translation. Hugo says that there is particular freedom with language to be found at that level, and together with the freedom to work remotely, it provides him with satisfaction and enjoyment in his work. He knows how much his Project Management work is important to clients. He is currently further expanding his management skills and abilities.

In his spare time, Hugo is a foodie who enjoys concocting delicious meals that require longer preparation and wants to become a polyglot, perhaps adding Italian and Arabic to his linguistic abilities.

Special Word in French: ‘’Mijoter’’. Hugo says just saying this word makes him hungry!

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