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How To Better Understand Your Business’ Goals and Aspirations


What makes your business tick? How would you like your business to be perceived? What are the goals and standards that you’d like your business to live up to?

I only started my full time work with wintranslation in September, so answering those questions was harder for me, but also necessary. In order to do well at my job, it’s important that I have a good understanding of the company views along with my colleagues’ aspirations for us. This way, I can always make sure that every piece of content, every message, every engagement we have with our clients adheres to those aspirations.

I asked my fellow colleagues at wintranslation to put together a list of adjectives and keywords that they felt best answered them. The rules are simple:

  • Submit at least five adjectives/keywords, but feel free to send more!
  • Be creative!
  • Don’t be afraid to list an adjective/keyword already used – that just highlights the importance for all of us.

I started out by giving my own list as an example and to get the ball rolling.

Over the course of the day, I gathered everyone’s responses and added them to a list. Once everyone had sent in their responses, I created something a little more visually pleasing using and sent it out so everyone could see the results of their hard work. I also sent it off to Frédérique Mantha who took care of the French translation as well!

Here’s what our brainstorming came up with:


A series of keywords and adjectives of who we’d like to aspire to be as a company and the kind of experience we’d like to bring to our clients. What was originally meant as a creative exercise turned into something more than that; it became an exercise in understanding who and where we’d like to be as a company.

These keywords became goals for us to strive for.

We are able to look at these now and ask ourselves:

“Am I efficient?”

“Am I knowledgeable?”

“Am I friendly?”

“Am I professional?”

And if the answer is no to any of those questions, what can I do to fix that? How can I change the way I interact with our clients, our business partners, our employees, our translators to make sure that I am reaching these goals?

Writing out the way we’d like to be perceived by the people we with and the people we work for has helped refocused us on what’s important for our business.

Personally, I see our efforts as motivation. I’ve set the background on my desk to the word cloud so I can be reminded of that everyday (in black to save on energy, of course)!


What do you think of our little exercise? Ready to try the same thing for your business?

Huiping Zhang

Huiping Zhang is the founder and president of wintranslation. She founded the company in June 1998 as a home-based, one-woman operation and built it into a thriving, award-winning business that works with multi-national companies, governments, and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. She is a Certified Localization Professional and Terminology Manager. Huiping is a member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and serves as a board member for the Ottawa chapter.

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