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Government & Public Sector Translation Services

Wintranslation has more than 25 years of experience providing translation services tailored for government and public sector organizations in Canada.

Our government clients at all levels – municipal, provincial/territorial, and federal – benefit from our confidential, quality-controlled, and timely translation services. We support our government clients with accessible communications to help them serve diverse populations effectively.

Our Services

  1. Executive Summaries and Presentations: Accurate translation of summaries and presentations on different outreach, awareness, and engagement initiatives.
  2. Immigration Documents: Translation of immigration-related documents, ensuring that all information is conveyed clearly and precisely.
  3. Brochures and Infographics: Support and direct translation of content, created in InDesign, FrameMaker, Microsoft Publisher, and other publishing software.
  4. Speech Translation: Translation and recording of speeches to preserve meaning and tone.
  5. Legal Documents and Legislative Briefs: Precise translation of legal documents, including legislative briefs, contracts, and other legal materials.
  6. AODA-Compliant Materials: Ensuring accessibility standards with our in-house AODA-certified experts.
  7. Multilingual Services: Translation into French, Immigrant and Indigenous languages in Canada
  8. Plain Language Service: Prioritizing clear communication to enhance comprehension, engagement, and the value of your materials.
  9. Interpretation Services: Facilitating conversations with local communities through Zoom, minimizing interpreter travel time and fees.

Our Expertise

  • Large Network of Indigenous Translators: We boast a comprehensive network of translators proficient in Canada’s 60 Indigenous languages. Our relationships with Indigenous culture and language keepers, linguists, and Elders ensure that your message is communicated with clarity and value.
  • Dialect Expertise: The complex linguistic landscapes of Indigenous languages in Canada demand expert guidance. Our in-house specialists and extensive network of trusted Indigenous advisors help you choose the right dialect based on your project’s scope, location, type of documents, and target audience.
  • Security and confidentiality: We work with translators with valid government security clearance at an Enhanced Reliability or Secret clearance. In addition, our whole team is bound by non-disclosure agreements.
  • One-stop shop: We can handle multilingual and complex projects from beginning to end, including translation, editing, layout, and voice-over.

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