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Energy, Mining, and Oil and Gas Sector Translation

Many of the energy and mining sector projects involve consultation with the Indigenous communities.

Choosing the right voice for the community you are working with is an undertaking that requires unique knowledge of dialect landscape and network of reliable translators to get your message across. Let us share our expertise and experience with you.

Wintranslation is a leading provider of Indigenous Language translation services in Canada. We work with a variety of dialects and provide tailored translation solution based on your target audience.

What We Offer

Large network of Indigenous translators

We provide translation services in Canada’s 60 Indigenous languages. Over the years, we’ve built a mutually trusting relationships with some of the most respected Indigenous culture and language carriers. Their words have value, which is essential when it comes to establishing relationship with small communities. We know who we can count on to deliver your message.

Dialect consultation

Canada’s Indigenous languages landscape is rich and complex with noticeable regional variations and difference in writing systems. Our in-house experts will guide you on what dialect to choose based on your project location, type of documents for translation, local community demographics and target audience.

Project management

Each project, regardless of size is assigned to a dedicated project manager ensures that your translation is delivered on time and in line with your expectations. Our project managers and a dedicated Indigenous vendor manager provide support to Indigenous translators who work out of their communities in remote areas and have limited computer access and experience. Some projects require layout check, while others are processed using industry-standard translation and quality assurance tools to preserve consistent terminology and avoid mistakes. A unique understanding of the vast language landscape, challenging social economic conditions in Indigenous communities and a best-in-class supply network of qualified Indigenous translators makes wintranslation is your translation partner of choice.

Our Work

Ojibwe Energy Board Notice

Client: Ontario Energy Board Products: Public Notice Applications: MS Word, Adobe Indesign

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Inuinnaqtun Environmental Assessment

One of the governmental agencies contacted wintranslation with a request to translate an information materials…

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Swampy Cree Environmental Impact Assessment Project

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency contacted wintranslation to help translate materials of the environmental assessment for…

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We value transparency. You’ll know right away the cost of your project and what you will receive as a finished product. Not sure which dialect to chose? We can help!

  • If you have more than one document, please zip your file into one.
  • Please describe your project and specify source and target languages of your translation.

Documents we have translated:

  • Environmental assessment reports
  • Strategic assessment reports
  • Public notices
  • Maps and drawings
  • Mining reports
  • Strategic assessment reports
  • Websites, marketing materials and PowerPoint presentations
  • Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
  • Exploration and productions documents
  • Mineral exploration and mine development acts

We've Translated Documents For The Following Clients

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