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Education and Training Translation Services

We provide translation services to educational and training institutions in Canada and around the world, ensuring that everyone has access to important information—regardless of their language or cultural background.

Accurate translation is vital for effective learning and skill development. Clients can rely on us for accurate, culturally sensitive translations in order to properly convey their message.

Our Services

  1. Training Program Translation: Accurate translations of your courses, guides, and e-learning content to connect with your audience.
  2. Survey Translation & Localization: Adapt your surveys to suit cultural and linguistic preferences.
  3. Comprehensive Document Translation: Translating reports, books, and documentation, while preserving original formatting with software such as Word, InDesign, FrameMaker, or Madcap Flare.
  4. Audio Content Translation: Enhancing your audio content’s reach with our subtitling and voice-over services.
  5. Website Localization: Adapt your website content to suit cultural and linguistic preferences.
  6. Cultural Consulting: Helping institutions navigate cultural differences in learning environments.
  7. AODA-Compliant Materials: Ensuring accessibility standards with our in-house AODA-certified experts.
  8. Multilingual Services: Translating into Canadian French, 40+ Indigenous languages, and international languages.
  9. Plain Language Service: Clear communication for better comprehension and overall learning experiences.
  10. Interpretation Services: Facilitating communication with remote interpretation during educational events.
  11. CAT tools and Repetition Detection: Saving you time and money with specialized translation tools

Our Expertise

Our team has the expertise to handle complex educational terminology and materials, no matter the volume. We can deliver accurate and culturally appropriate translations that effectively reach your audience.

Looking for education and training translation services?

Call +1 (613) 686-1278 for more information or request a free translation quote.

Our Education & Training Clients

I used wintranslation for the first time recently to translate a scientific report from English to Inuktitut. Their customer service was exceptional, with rapid responses to questions, and the technical quality of the translation was also excellent. I would definitely recommend their services.

Dr. Gordon "Oz" Osinski (he/him)
University of Western Ontario

Wintranslation has completed multiple French translations for our organization, ranging from surveys, interview scripts, and educational based documents. Wintranslation has always been professional and prompt with their responses and finalized work. Even within tight deadlines, wintranslation has not only completed the requested translation, but ensured no errors, accuracy, and final layouts were professionally achieved within both the translated documents and the original documents. They have been amazing to work with and respect cultural requirements. We definitely plan to utilize their services for future projects.

Nicole Parsons
Tungasuvvingat Inuit

We contacted wintranslation to have one of our assessment documents translated into Eastern Ojibwe. The communication was easy and the translation was delivered with attention to detail and care. The very next time, when we required translation of another document into Dënesųłiné (Chipewyan), nēhiyawēwin (Plains Cree), Néhinaw (Swampy Cree) and Nīhithawīwin (Woods Cree) we contacted wintranslation and really appreciated the one-stop convenience and their capabilities in Indigenous languages we requested.

Danielle Durepos
The Learning Bar

The museum contacted wintranslation because we needed text translated for a new panel. We wanted two dialects for the panel – Eastern Ojibwe and Mohawk. wintranslation went above and beyond to ensure the dialects were location appropriate and that they were done by knowledge holders from both communities.

Patience and commitment of wintranslation staff to ensure that we had high quality and accurate translation was amazing. Thank you wintranslation, the translators and community members for ensuring the museum was able to put forth an excellent panel that was true to both communities and that visitors to Murney Tower Museum will be able to experience both Eastern Ojibwe and Mohawk in print.

I approached wintranslation because I needed a series of Educational Posters translated into Swampy Cree to facilitate a broader reach to our Indigenous audience. Wintranslation made the process easy even when I was unable to communicate regularly. I really appreciated their quick turn around times (faster than quoted) and their patience with my questions about the translation (not having any background with the language). The end result are some fabulous resources that will be shared with kids and adults alike, with more to come!

Vanessa Lee
Mining Matters

Very satisfied [with the project manager]’s customer service, [it] was excellent. Email correspondence was punctual and friendly and professional. It was a pleasure working with her.

Apia Larbi
Global Academy Jobs
western university of canada
Historica Canada
indigenous story studio
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