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Charities and Non-Profit Organizations Translation Services

We provide translation services for charities and non-government organizations in Canada and around the world, ensuring that everyone has access to important cultural content and ideas.

For important internal or front facing documents or marketing materials a simple Google or AI-type translation solution will not produce the type of quality and consistency you’re clients, prospects and audience is looking for. Wintranslation offers industry-leading professional translations that are delivered accurately, on-time and without complication. By using MemoQ and other industry leading tools we are able to ensure a consistent translation every time, even for larger, complex and on-going projects that exceed your previous expectations.

Consistent & Professional

We have years of experience translating documents for charities, non-governmental organizations as well as larger documents that require more organization and precision to complete. Our staff has the resources to make sure your message and context remains intact throughout the entire process.

Dedicated Project Management

Each document regardless of size is assigned a dedicated project manager that will guide you through the entire process. We value transparency and communication and you can expect to know exactly where we are in your translation project and if any clarification’s are needed in order to finalize everything.

DTP Experience

A quality translation means more than just text – any graphical elements of your documents are also seamlessly translated as well. Charts, maps, and other visuals are kept in their original form and  dimensions with only the relevant text accurately translated.

NGO / Charity vs Other Types of Documents

Your text has been carefully crafted to get the message across to potential donors and stakeholders, don’t let a poor translation affect your reputation and ability to generate funds for your cause, institution or organization. We work with translators that understand context and making sure the integrity of your message is kept intact. 

Translation Memory For Large / Ongoing Projects

For work done on an ongoing basis, our team uses MemoQ to store specialized terms so multiple projects have consistently translated terms. This can especially valuable if there are dialect differences or technical terms which can easily be confused or lose context. 

Full Dialect Support

We are one of the only translation companies in Canada to offer indigenous languages alongside the normal roster of other international languages. However, unlike other translation companies we can provide support and guidance in terms of selecting the right dialect for your target market or geographic area.

Graphic and Desktop Publishing Support

Most NGO’s are publishing comprehensive, dynamic documents that include tables, maps, images with text and other visual elements. Unlike other translation companies, we offer full desktop publishing support to make sure there are no missing gaps in your document or the associated visuals.

Looking for Charity or Non-Profit Organization translation services?

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Our Charity and Non-profit Clients

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