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Charities and Non-Government Organizations Translation Services

We provide translation services for charities and non-government organizations in Canada and around the world, ensuring that everyone has access to important cultural content and ideas.

Our Services

  1. Reports and Documents Translation: Accurate translations of cultural reports, project documents, and publications.
  2. Print/Digital Media Translation: Seamless adaptation of your print and digital media content, including brochures, posters, postcards, and more.
  3. Website Localization: We adapt your website content to resonate with a diverse audience, reflecting their cultural and linguistic preferences.
  4. Cultural Consulting: Our team assists in navigating cultural differences ensuring your message is well received.
  5. AODA-Compliant Materials: Ensuring accessibility standards with our in-house AODA-certified experts.
  6. Multilingual Services: Translating into Canadian French, 40+ Indigenous languages of Canada, and international languages.
  7. Plain Language Service: We prioritize clear communication to improve comprehension, engagement, and the overall visitor experience.
  8. Interpretation Services: Our virtual interpretation services facilitate cross-linguistic and cross-cultural communication in the art world.

Our Expertise

Large network of Indigenous translators

We provide translation services in Canada’s 60 Indigenous languages. Over the years, we’ve built a mutually trusting relationship with some of the most respected Indigenous culture and language carriers. Their words have value, which is essential when it comes to establishing relationships with small communities. We know who we can count on to deliver your message.

Dialect consultation

Canada’s Indigenous languages landscape is rich and complex with noticeable regional variations and differences in writing systems. Our in-house experts will guide you on what dialect to choose based on your project location, type of documents for translation, local community demographics, and target audience.

Project management

Each project, regardless of size is assigned to a dedicated project manager to ensure that your translation is delivered on time and in line with your expectations. Our project managers and a dedicated Indigenous vendor manager provide support to Indigenous translators who work out of their communities in remote areas and have limited computer access and experience. Some projects require layout checks, while others are processed using industry-standard translation and quality assurance tools to preserve consistent terminology and avoid mistakes. A unique understanding of the vast language landscape, challenging social economic conditions in Indigenous communities, and a best-in-class supply network of qualified Indigenous translators make wintranslation your translation partner of choice.

Charity & Non-profit vs Other Types of Documents

Your text has been carefully crafted to get the message across to potential donors and stakeholders, don’t let a poor translation affect your reputation and ability to generate funds for your cause, institution, or organization. We work with translators who understand the context and make sure the integrity of your message is kept intact

Looking for Charity or Non-Profit Organization translation services?

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Our Charity and Non-Profit Clients

As a Cultural Safety Consultant specializing in Indigenous Anti-Racism work, it is essential for me to include Indigenous languages in my projects wherever possible. I use Wintranslation in all of my Indigenous Anti-Racism projects because they care about respect, safety, and cultural relevance for Indigenous language carriers as much as I do. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Olga at Wintranslation to complete meaningful Indigenous language translation projects.

Robin Adams, Cultural Safety Consultant & Project Manager
Exit 26 Consulting
United Way Centraide Canada better version
NWTNU Chamber of Mines
Big Word
Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation
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