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This Localization Certification Program was developed by California State University, Chico Continuing Education, in partnership with The Localization Institute, two leading institutions in the field of localization training.

Industry experts from world class professional associations, publishers and academic institutions in the localization field teach the program.

The curriculum covers the following subject areas:

  • Translation terminology management
  • Project management fundamentals
  • Client and vendor management
  • Simship
  • How to assemble and manage virtual teams
  • How to achieve the best value for your money in managing translation projects
  • Latest translation productivity tools
  • How to manage translation quality
  • Cultural sensitivity on the web
  • How to build world ready applications and web sites

Wintranslation’s president Huiping Iler is a graduate of the Localization Certification Program. She has also trained the entire project management team at wintranslation with information from the program. Contact us today to enquire about a localization project.

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