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Localizing your Business: A User’s Guide

Picture the scene. A family buys a dark brown couch, chair, and loveseat from a furniture store in Toronto. On the day the new furniture is delivered to their Brampton, Ontario home, the couple's curious seven-year-old daughter begins to carefully examine the new arrivals. A few moments later, she innocently asks her mother, "What does 'Nigger-Brown' mean?" Astonished, this mother turns to her daughter who is pointing to the packing labels attached to the furniture. In place of a more appropriate term, the colour description on the label is a racial slur completely unacceptable in Canadian society.

Looking for audio-video translation? We can help!

When you have audio and audio-video files that need to be reproduced in another language, it simplifies the process by using a company that can handle all aspects of the project. To get a better idea of what's involved, below is a basic breakdown of the steps, from transcription, translation and voice recording to timing, syncing and post-processing.

Tips to score deals on translation

Your time is money; our time is money, let's cut the spending! Need an estimate for your document? Have your document ready when shopping around for rates. No translation company will be able to give you a real price without actually seeing your document. That’s your precious time spent without a real result!
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