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Fictional Languages

4 Fictional Languages and Their Origins

Article by Amanda Pereira. Learning a new language is no easy task and, as you can probably imagine, creating one is even harder. But many movies and television shows have to do exactly that. The people who create these new languages not only have to make sure they fit with…

Video: Why Our Clients Choose Us For Aboriginal Translations

wintranslation is the leading provider of Aboriginal Translation Services in Canada with over 37 of Canada's 60 Aboriginal languages available. Jillian Morgan, a Mohawk of Akwesasne and wintranslation's Lead for the Aboriginal Translation Unit, talks about what it's like working with Aboriginal languages. wintranslation offers translation into many of North…

Why French Language Can Look So Weird

  March 20th is the « Journée internationale de la francophonie », or “International Francophonie Day.” What better way to kick-off the celebrations than by demystifying a couple things about French language that can look strange or bizarre to someone who doesn’t speak French. Often times, we’ll get translation requests from clients who…

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