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Everything starts from the label

We live in a world of recalls. Everyday, a product is taken off the market for different reasons. Some of these products are recalled because of incorrect labelling, missing warning labels, ingredients not listed on the labels, undeclared allergens, etc. Labels seem to have a very important role in the life of every product and not following the correct labelling requirements could be extremely expensive.

Colours in different cultures

By Felicia Bratu Some time ago, before the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, I heard a joke about colours: somebody informed USA officials that the Russians were thinking of painting the entire moon red to show their supremacy in space. Everyone was expecting to see the Americans getting angry…

10 holidays to add to your business calendar

By Felicia Bratu Every day there is a holiday somewhere around the world. Some of them are small events celebrated by small communities. Others are big festivals celebrated with splendor by millions of people. Your friends, co-workers, or business partners might celebrate some of these events and knowing a little…

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