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Babel Not: Machine Translation for the Technical Communicator

Long ago the world had one language and few words. One day, a group of architects decided to write a manual containing sensitive information on the design of a tower they were building in their city. The tower was to reach the sky and would ultimately determine their greatness. Their pride and confidence took over and they soon ignored their boss. As punishment, their boss scattered the architects across the entire earth and made them all speak different languages. This created much confusion, and so the city was named Babel. Many years passed and no-one could unlock the secrets of the tower, at least until the birth of the great Babel Fish.

Seeing the Big Picture – Huiping Iler’s Icebreaker Speech at Toastmaster’ International

A few summers ago, I interviewed a summer student. He was doing his graduate studies in political science at the time. From his resume, I could tell that he had political ambitions. My question for him was, if you had a choice between working as an auto assembly worker and a position in the political science field with long term potential but less pay, which one would you pick? I thought this might have been a fairly difficult question but it did not take him long to reply. "I think I'd work for Chrysler's any day, who can say no to good pay and benefits?"

Hiring right – road to success

Running a translation business is not easy. As small as the industry may be, we as business owners face a full set of business challenges: personnel management, sales and marketing, client relations, and the list goes on. Everyday, we go into work hoping to improve the business, to make it more successful. Sometimes we wonder, what is the killer factor? What makes some companies more successful than others?

Search engine visibility in China

With China emerging as an economic superpower, more and more companies are launching Chinese web sites to establish a presence. The Chinese language has the second largest share on the World’s Internet market, with English in the top spot, and Japanese in third.
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