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Designing for a non-English audience

Having worked as a digital publishing specialist at a large corporation at my previous job, I did not think being in charge of foreign language typesetting would be too difficult. After all, the layout and the images are already prepared and I only need to flow in the text - how hard could that be? I was sure that a simple Copy and Paste, or text importation, would do everything. This was my point of view when I initially began managing DTP projects in different languages.

What does XML mean to you?

XML means a lot of different things to different people. Some think it is "the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything", others describe it as generation X's childhood sandpit dreams coming true. And although it might have already reached mainstream, there is still a lot of urban myth floating about when it comes to the question of what XML actually is. So let us have a quick look why everybody seems to love XML, why already more and more large corporations use XML to save a lot of money, and finally how XML is going to creep into the lives of everyday computer users - and to be honest, it'll be a relief when that happens!

Your Clients are Going Global – Can You Keep Up?

As more companies conduct business globally, their printing needs often involve more foreign language translation and typesetting. Being able to meet such growing needs may give your business a major competitive advantage. So, have you considered adding translation and typesetting to your printing offerings?
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