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Advertising to International markets: different cultures, different tastes

Nike has been selling shoes in China since 1984. Everybody knows that Nike shoes aren’t the cheapest, but they adjusted their prices for the Chinese market. Also, the sudden popularity of basketball in China was the real boom for Nike. Basketball players wear Nike and people in China love them so they love Nike shoes… This company found the right instrument to crack into a tough market.

All roads lead to Beijing

An old Latin proverb says that all roads lead to Rome... However, it seems that these days all roads lead to China for many reasons, but most recently, to the Olympic Games. Going there for business or for the Games, a few basic things about China and a few words in Chinese might come in handy.

Everything starts from the label

We live in a world of recalls. Everyday, a product is taken off the market for different reasons. Some of these products are recalled because of incorrect labelling, missing warning labels, ingredients not listed on the labels, undeclared allergens, etc. Labels seem to have a very important role in the life of every product and not following the correct labelling requirements could be extremely expensive.

Colours in different cultures

By Felicia Bratu Some time ago, before the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, I heard a joke about colours: somebody informed USA officials that the Russians were thinking of painting the entire moon red to show their supremacy in space. Everyone was expecting to see the Americans getting angry…

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