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6 Reasons People Love Working at Wintranslation!

Wintranslation is always on the lookout for talented, analytically minded people to join our fantastic team. With so many different job opportunities available, why choose wintranslation? We sent out an anonymous survey to staff members to find out why they love working at wintranslation.

1 . Our Healthy Work Life Balance

We understand that there is more to life than work! We strive to promote a healthy work life balance no matter how busy we get. Also, our team is located all around the world! Having the flexibility to work from home, or in an office environment, allows all of our employees to work autonomously in the situation that best suits them.

2. We Support Indigenous Languages

Wintranslation is at the forefront of professional indigenous translation. Interacting with Canada’s indigenous history is extremely rewarding. Learn about unique traditions and customs, and get first hand experience working with indigenous elders and knowledge holders to translate in areas where sometimes, translations have never been done!

3. A Friendly, Open Work Environment

We value having diverse perspectives in our workforce. We believe talent resides in people of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds. We don’t operate in an overly structured, top-heavy environment – management is transparent and wants to hear your views! Open communication, even on difficult topics, is always encouraged and everyone gets a chance to voice their opinion. We’re all part of the same team.

4. Passionate Colleagues

Our team is well connected, and we all share the same passion towards our work. Engaging with different cultures, and learning about their nuances, customs, and traditions is fun!  Connecting with different translators from around the world can provide some great, memorable moments.

5. Our Work is Engaging

One thing our work is never described as is boring. We deliver high quality translation services tailored for any kind of job. This ranges from technical documents, all the way to videos and books. With every job being different and presenting its own set of unique challenges, the work is always engaging.

6. Learning new skills

We provide our staff with all sorts of learning opportunities. Whether it’s getting a business development mentor, a marketing consultant, or providing memsource training, we want to give our staff the opportunity to develop their professional career. It’s a great place for learning valuable, sought after skills in the translation industry.

Do you know someone smart and interested? We encourage everyone to apply, even if you feel unqualified. If you have the right aptitude, and the right attitude, we can provide the rest! Check out our careers page >>

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