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11 Vibrant Countries And Their Unique Love Of Tea

There is nothing more comforting than laying down, wrapped in a blanket with a hot cup of tea after a long day of work. Here at wintranslation we are huge fans of tea, and you can bet that we’re all going to be enjoying a cup today. Why? Well, because today is International Tea Day!

It is believed that tea originated in China in 2737 B.C. Legend says that the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nong, accidentally discovered tea when a leaf from a nearby wild tea tree fell into a pot of water he was boiling in his garden. Whether or not this is true, we speak for many when we say how thankful we are for this happy accident.

Tea is steeped and served all around the world, and every country seems to have a favourite way of drinking it.


Since tea is said to have originated in China, it’s no surprise that it’s the countries most popular drink. Green tea is the most popular type of tea that is drunk in China, but they are also fans of yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, and dark tea. With a wide variety of teas that are served across the country it’s no wonder China has become known for their tea culture.

United Kingdom

For years, the British have been known for the fact that they love their tea. With almost 1,500 types of teas in the United Kingdom, the British drink tea multiple times a day, on a daily basis. The most popular type of tea in England is black tea, with a little bit of milk and sugar, and a plate of biscuits on the side.


In Japan, it is common to drink a green powdered tea called matcha tea. Matcha tea is made from finely ground, top-quality green tea leaves forming a power that is added to liquids rather than steeped like most teas. Since matcha tea is a powder you can generally add it to any liquid, but it is best served simply in a cup of hot water.


Similar to China, India has a very long and diverse tea history. India produces a large number of different teas but are mainly known as the originators of masala chai tea, more commonly known to the world as chai tea. Chai tea is not only the preferred way of drinking tea, but one of the preferred drinks in India in general.


Taiwan is home to pearl milk tea, more commonly known to the world as bubble tea. While it originates from Taiwan, bubble tea has become a popular drink all around the world. Bubble tea can be made both hot or cold, and is served on top of Boba pearls that are first cooked in a sugar syrup. Other ingredients such as milk or juice can also be added, depending on the type of bubble tea you want.


In Morocco, green tea tends to be the tea of choice, so much so that Morocco is said to be one of the biggest importers of green tea. In Morocco, the popular way to drink tea is to put spearmint leaves into a cup and steep it in hot green tea.

United States

The popular way to drink tea in the United States, and probably by many people around the world, is sweetened and iced.  In America, the tea is brewed to be strong and is sweetened with sugar and sometimes a little bit of lemon.


In Russia, they have several different ways of preparing tea, but there’s one rather unique way of making a hot cup of tea that stands out from the rest. To make this cup of Russian tea, multiple bags of black tea leaves are brewed separately before being added together in one cup. Anything can be added to it, it all depends on personal preference.

South Africa

South Africa, is known by the world for being the originator of Roobios tea. Roobios is a bright red tea that is best drunk before going to bed. Since it has a naturally sweet flavour, it is usually served on its own without any kind of additions.


Tea is actually the national drink in Egypt, which isn’t surprising considering it’s one of the largest tea importers in the world. Tea is drunk several times throughout the day in Egypt and can come in many different flavours with a wide variety of additions, such as cinnamon and mint leaves.


Argentina is one of the worlds major producers of tea, but is mainly known for making a tea called yerba mate. Yerba mate is the most popular type of tea in Argentina as well as South America. Yerba mate is a green tea that is known for having a smoky flavour as well as the many heath benefits it holds. Yerba mate can be drunk both hot or cold and is usually served with cane sugar.

After reading all this, how could you possibly resist making yourself a cup of tea? Well truth is, you can’t. So, go make yourself a cup in celebration of this universally loved drink!

Countries And Tea

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