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11 Awesome Facts About Easter That May Surprise You

easter facts

Easter is, without question, one of the world’s most celebrated holidays. Whether its’s chocolate Easter egg hunts, going to church, painting Easter eggs or having a turkey feast, everyone has their own way of celebrating the Christian holiday.

To get you in the mood for whatever Easter festivities you may be taking part in, we compiled a list of eleven fun Easter facts from around the world for you to enjoy.

  1. The concept of the Easter Bunny, and his passing out candies and eggs reportedly originated in Germany in the middle ages.
  2. In Birmingham, U.K where the delicious Easter candies Cadbury Crème Egg’s are made, workers reportedly make more than 1.5 million Crème Eggs in a year.
  3. The tallest chocolate Easter egg was made in Italy in 2011, standing at 34 feet tall and weighing 7,200 kilograms.
  4. In Scotland, and certain parts of England and the United States, some people like to roll painted Easter eggs down hills for fun.
  5. The tradition of giving out eggs at Easter traces back to Persians, Greeks, Romans, Gauls and Egyptians, where the egg was a symbol for life.
  6. On April 1st 2007, Florida, USA set the record for the largest Easter egg hunt. It was held at the Cypress Gardens Adventure Park and consisted of 501,000 Easter eggs, with an attendance of 9,753 children and parents.
  7. Easter actually gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon goddess, Eastre, who symbolizes the egg and the hare.
  8. Approximately 700 million Peeps are sold throughout the Easter holiday in the United States, making them the most popular non-chocolate Easter treat.
  9. The White House’s Easter tradition, the Easter Egg Roll, first started in 1878 with President Rutherford B. Hayes.
  10. The tradition of painting eggs for Easter originated in the Ukraine and is called pysanka.
  11. In Sweden, on the Thursday or Saturday before Easter, children dress up as witches and go door to door in hopes of receiving chocolate and candy. The tradition is said to have come from the belief that witches would fly to Mount Blåkulla the Thursday before Easter.

We hope this list got you excited for Easter, and inspires you to take part in some Easter traditions of your own. And don’t worry if you can’t remember how to say Happy Easter in a language your relatives will understand, wintranslation can help you with that.

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