wintranslation’s 2011 top 5 achievements

1. March: wintranslation launches 4 new free translation and localization related white papers

2. June: new project manager joins wintranslation’s team: Sylvie Shen – She has previously worked as a Globalization Engineering Coordinator for IBM Canada Ltd., a Localization Documentation Specialist for Cognos, an IBM Company, and a Documentation Graphic Specialist for Cognos Inc.

3. August: wintranslation starts using a new project management system: XTRF

4. September: On Thursday Sept. 1, an UN specialized agency announced it has chosen wintranslation to translate into French a 280,000 words e-learning courseware

5. December: wintranslation won its first four month contract from Public Works, part of the Government of Canada. This was our first win in the Canadian French translation category.