wintranslation Chosen for Inuinnuqtun Translation Project


wintranslationtm has recently been selected by the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board to perform English into Inuinnaqtun translation services for several large business reports.

The NWMB is in place to conserve wildlife (and wildlife habitat) for the long-term benefit of all Nunavut residents while fully respecting Inuit harvesting rights and priorities. 

We are happy to offer translation services in a growing number of Canada’s Aboriginal languages.

Azaëlle Elliott-Bouchard

Azaëlle Elliott-Bouchard joined on as a project manager in 2014 after completing her BA at University of Ottawa in Translation with Specialization in French. She is responsible for inbound quotes and estimates as well as leading the management of ongoing projects and engaging with clients to ensure high quality customer service. She recently received her Localization Project Management Certification and has presented at the International Conference in Translation Studies: “Translation and Minority”.