wintranslation™ was started in June 1998 by Huiping Iler, an international student from China who came to Canada to pursue her Master’s degree. Three months after graduation at age 24, Iler started the business in her apartment in downtown Windsor using $3000 she had saved.

In 1999, the Canadian Consulate General in Detroit named wintranslation as its only pre-approved supplier to provide interpretation and translation services to all of their clients.

In the same year, a Canadian technology firm named Planet Intra hired wintranslation to localize its application into 15 languages. It was around this time that wintranslation started working with translation memory technology to leverage repetition and bring cost savings to its clients.

In 2001, wintranslation began working with marketing agencies and graphic design firms, specifically those who are suppliers of the United Nations. Many of the graphic designers requested we work with applications such as QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign. We built a multicultural artwork/design and quality control team based on client requirements. Since then, we have been able to handle artwork for Asian and Middle Eastern languages (handling all right-to-left languages which require a special edition of InDesign).

In 2002, wintranslation started to work on the organic search engine marketing of its own web site Through the marketing process, wintranslation gained intimate understanding of how to write SEO friendly copy and how Pay Per Click works. From there, wintranslation started to apply this SEO knowledge to clients with multilingual web sites. We later published a white paper called Maximizing Visibility for Multilingual Web Sites based on what we learned from these experiences.

In 2003, wintranslation began an ongoing collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to promote the internationalization standards of global web sites. Working with W3C’s lead internationalization experts, we localized many of the technical standards related to building international ready web sites into multiple languages. wintranslation’s president Huiping Iler is regularly invited to speak at international conferences about web localization and cultural differences. For example, Iler delivered a popular webinar for leading marketing portal titled Going Global on the Web: Avoid the Pitfalls and Seize the Opportunities; presented for Online Revealed, a Canadian tourism marketing conference; spoke at Search Engine Strategies conference and has published numerous articles in publications such as Target Marketing and PR Week.

In 2006, McAnerin International Inc. chose wintranslation as its localization partner after an extensive selection process. wintranslation stood apart from its competitors because of its SEO/SEM trained translators and customized client service that catered to the unique needs of paid search localization. Through McAnerin, we have been working on many Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) projects, from PPC keyword localization to SEO Meta tags, in many of the CTC’s target languages and countries.

In 2007, wintranslation was chosen by Scotiabank as its supplier of multicultural transcreation services after they interviewed numerous providers. Since then, wintranslation has transcreated much of the promotional material, web content and news releases related to the StartRight program, Scotiabank’s flagship product to attract clients from different ethnic groups. We also localized applications such as the Scotiabank Plan Writer for Business. In addition, we are the language localization and engineering partner behind Scotiabank’s ABM multi-language user interface. Since then we have worked with many of Scotiabank’s affiliates and partners such as ScotiaMcLeod and Dynamic Mutual Fund for their multilingual communication needs.

In 2007, we built a localization engineering division to address our clients’ need for support on projects that are at the intersection of language and technology. This division uses the latest translation technology to preprocess complex file types such as Flash and FrameMaker. We prepare the files in a translation friendly format and then import the translation back to the original format. With post-processing and a rigorous quality assurance process, our clients are delighted with beautifully localized files delivered with convenience and speed. The ability to work effectively with media-rich websites is rare in the translation field, and we are proud of our capabilities to do so.

In 2011, we implemented a leading translation workflow management tool called XTRF™. It is a hosted online solution which allows clients to upload services requests and view progress in real time. XTRF also allows our project managers and translators to log into the system anywhere in the world and create a wonderful environment for virtual collaboration. Also in 2011, wintranslation staff members Sandra Bologna and Huiping Iler completed training by the International Network of Terminology Management and became certified terminology managers. We began implementing systematic terminology management processes to large enterprise level projects to centralize and protect clients’ linguistic assets.

In 2012, we are on track to fully implement memoQ™, the cloud version of translation memory software, which will allow in-market translators to collaborate in real time while sharing a central translation memory online.

We take pride in outstanding client service. We also treat our employees and suppliers like gold so that they will take good care of our clients. Give us a call for your next project!