It was my pleasure to have wintranslation’s support to professional Linguistic needs for 8 years while I was working for Intel, Inc. They have proved to offer and maintain a high level of commitment towards their customers and there was not one instance in which deliverables and continuous support was less than desirable. Their excellent knowledge of the localization industry, customer orientation goals, service oriented employees and the constant appreciation to details and deliverables make wintranslation the right choice for staffing and localization needs. I highly recommend wintranslation to any and all companies who can benefit from a friendly, warm, dedicated, capable and professional business partner.
Janice Fontanetti, Localization Project Manager, Intel, Inc.

I love the one-stop convenience. I did not hire you based on your size. You proved yourself and built trust over time. You have that ‘can-do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.
Kevin Stewart, Director of Multicultural Banking at Scotiabank

Just sending you a quick email to thank you for your assistance with the translation of our documents. I’m sure we weren’t the easiest customer to deal with, and you made this whole process very easy and fast. Kudos to your company, their quality and speed of work, courteous customer service and professionalism. Looking forward to dealing with you with translation needs in the future. Thank you!
Josh LeClair, Product Administrator, APG Canada

We found wintranslation by means of the All-Seeing Eye (Google, that is), and we selected you on the basis of testimonials for timely delivery, price, and (not least) rapid and true personal engagement from your side. … It is my personal experience that this last factor is usually grossly underestimated – happy to see that you guys take it seriously!
Troels Fedder Jensen, Area Sales Manager, Terma

Thank you very much for turning that job around so quickly. Working with your company was a piece of cake. Thanks so much. I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the future as other opportunities become available.
Michelle Ferris, Account Director, Advocate Communications Group

Thank you so much. Our Quebecois staff is very impressed with the translation. Thanks! Heather Nodello, Project Manager, Automotive Performance Group

Thank you very much for completing this task under such a tight deadline.
Marsha Berenson, Media Coordinator, Marshall & Swift / Boeckh

wintranslation’s project management has been very quality-driven and conscientious. They respond to queries and solve problems even after-hours and during weekends. Their efforts made it possible for us to meet our release schedules. We are very pleased with wintranslation’s localization service.
Tim Dorey, Product Manager, Planet Intra

Thank you so much, I am extremely pleased with how fast this was turned around and the service provided.
Cheryl Lesperance, Aboriginal Affairs Manager, Premier Gold Mines Limited