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A Flare Affaire

MadCap FlareTM projects contain a collection of files used to create online help and PDF documentation for software applications. Beside the innocent-looking HTML project files, there is plenty hidden in the other project files:  HTML and XML tags, cross-reference links, variables, and snippets. Confusing? Well, there is more. In software-related documentation, we also find specific terms, […]

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“Le Quinze Août”: the Acadian National Holiday

Partying “Acadien-Style” Did you think that was the French flag? Well, think again! It’s the Acadian flag. Acadia is an Atlantic Canadian region that was formerly a French colony. Historically speaking, Acadia included Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Québec and Maine. Acadians proudly bear distinct traditions, folklore, and accents from […]

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The French Face Off: Canada vs. France

Of course most people hear and realize that there’s a difference between the French spoken in Canada and in France. There is the obvious difference in accent, but it goes far beyond that and can also be found in writing. The main differences exist in terminology, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. In fact, the difference […]

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wintranslation Part of Trade Mission To U.S.

OTTAWA – wintranslation, a leading Canadian translation company that exports many of its services abroad is kicking off its 18th year in business by participating in a trade mission organized by the Business Women in International Trade (BWIT) program in conjunction with the Consulate General of Canada in Miami, Florida. The trade mission is part of the […]

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TED Talk: The World’s English Mania

wintranslation is a volunteer translator with TED’s Open Translation project–a global volunteer effort to subtitle TED talks and make them accessible around the world. The latest video we subtitled is Jay Walker’s TED Talk “The world’s English mania” which has over 4 million views! In his talk, Jay Walker eplains why two billion people around the […]

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