Infographic: Status Of Aboriginal Languages In Canada

Infographic: Status of Aboriginal Languages In Canada

Written by Amanda Pereira Design by Kate Smeardon With over 60 Aboriginal languages being spoken in Canada, there’s been a rapid increase in requests for translations to Aboriginal languages. As the number of requests for Aboriginal language translations continues to increase, winstranslation is constantly increasing the number of Aboriginal languages…

11 Awesome Facts About Easter That May Surprise You

11 Awesome Facts About Easter That May Surprise You

Easter is, without question, one of the world’s most celebrated holidays. Whether its’s chocolate Easter egg hunts, going to church, painting Easter eggs or having a turkey feast, everyone has their own way of celebrating the Christian holiday. To get you in the mood for whatever Easter festivities you may…

4 Fictional Languages And Their Origins

4 Fictional Languages and Their Origins

Article by Amanda Pereira. Learning a new language is no easy task and, as you can probably imagine, creating one is even harder. But many movies and television shows have to do exactly that. The people who create these new languages not only have to make sure they fit with…