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Don’t Flap the Glass – more funny translations from China

This picture was taken from one of the largest tropical resorts in China. It was a five star destination but poor English language signage litter the whole place. This was at a koala exhibit – “don’t flap the glass.” They should ask me to help them screen a good Chinese translator! :-)

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Funny translations from China – sweat peppers on your pizza?

I took this picture in China during a trip there last November. We were eating at a beautifully decorated pizza restaurant that looks very much like a Pizza Hut. But a closer look at the menu cracked us up – “sweat pepper” were offered as a choice for topping instead of “sweet pepper.” I told […]

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wintranslation awarded Turkish contract by Public Works

Just before the Christmas break, wintranslation was awarded its very first Turkish translation contract from Public Works. wintranslation supplies for both the Official Languages division and the Multilingual division of the Translation Bureau, which is a specialized agency of Public Works.

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2012 multicultural calendar

You might think that Christmas is over, but not for everybody. Eastern Orthodox church celebrates Christmas on January 7. So, if you have Russian, Serbian or Ukrainian friends, co-workers, or business partners, you can still send them a Christmas card. Check the Russian translation  version from our ecards Christmas collection. Don’t also forget about Chinese […]

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wintranslation’s 2011 top 5 achievements

1. March: wintranslation launches 4 new free translation and localization related white papers 2. June: new project manager joins wintranslation’s team: Sylvie Shen – She has previously worked as a Globalization Engineering Coordinator for IBM Canada Ltd., a Localization Documentation Specialist for Cognos, an IBM Company, and a Documentation Graphic Specialist for Cognos Inc. 3. […]

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