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Huiping Iler on CHIN Radio FM97.9 on Thursday Feb. 23, 2012

wintranslation’s president Huiping Iler will be a panel speaker on a Mandarin talk show on February 23rd, 2012 from noon to 1 pm on CHIN Radio FM 97.9.  The special call-in show is in celebration of International Women’s Day coming up March 8th. The show is about life in Canada. Panel speakers from the Chinese […]

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Declining translation rates in Canada

In the last month, I have been meeting with many translators residing in the National Capital region. Almost all of them are my “competitors” who compete for government business. They usually translate from English into French (Quebec) and most of them are suppliers for the Translation Bureau. A number of them have chatted with me […]

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Say “I love you” in different languages

Valentine’s Day is here and in case you don’t have any ideas on how to surprise your love ones, we can help. Sending greeting cards (“valentines”) is one of the practices used to celebrate this day since its beginnings. You can send one of the free ecards we offer and say “I love you” in […]

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Translate into European Spanish or Latin American Spanish?

Spanish is the official language in 20 countries. It is spoken by 417 million people around the world (Ethnologue) and it’s the third language used online after English and Chinese. Even if it’s not an official language, Spanish is the second most used language in the United States;  95% of population speak Spanish in Puerto […]

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Don't entry – more funny translations from China trip

I am almost running out translation jokes from my trip to China last November – seriously! This picture was taken at the five star resort Chimelong Park (I feel very bad now – I have blogged so many times about them – all in negative context but it was a lovely park).  It was a […]

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